Rocky Mountain Spotted Tick Fever – Treatments and Symptoms

Question: My husband was diagnosed with Rocky Mountain tick fever 10 years ago. 5 years ago he had recurring symptoms and the same symptoms again. Could this be a tick fever again?

Rocky Mountain spotted fever is caused by infected hard ticks. These ticks transfer the infection to humans through their bite.

The rocky mountain fever is limited to North and South America.

Symptoms of Rocky Mountain Fever

  • The patient will always give an account of tick bites or an exposure of some sort to ticks.
  • At the site of the tick bite, there will form an eschar – a crusted, necrotic papule.
  • There is always associated regional lymphadenopathy.
  • A typical generalized rash occurs all over the body, including palms and soles.


What exactly are your symptoms?
Are they the same as 10 years back?
Has there been an exposure to ticks?
Have any investigations been done?

Treatment for Rocky Mountain Fever

  • Symptomatic cure for rocky mountain fever is done to bring the fever down. The rash gradually subsides.
  • Concentrate on his diet. Avoid canned and processed foods. Give him lots of rice gruels, barley water, soups, and fresh fruit juices. These help to rapidly gain health.
  • Raisins should be soaked in a cup full of water overnight.
    Consume the raisins the next morning and drink the water. This water is considered an ideal tonic in fever.
  • Speedy cure, and the prevention of rocky mountain tick fever recurrence, is highly essential, as it could result in a host of neurological, hematological and cardiovascular complications.