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When passing stool I pass blood. So, my query is, is it due to piles, I don’t have any previous history of TB or any medicine administration, more over, I do not take any alcohol or smoke. Kindly suggest me some home remedy, as its causing me panic. I’ve searched the net, and it indicates plies or cancer, please help me out.


Please don’t panic, the commonest cause of blood in stools is piles. Is there any associated complaint? Is there a family history of cancer. I shall provide you with effective home remedies, for the management of piles, in case the symptom, still persists, you need to go to a physician for a thorough examination and investigations.

Piles are an inflamed and swollen condition of the rectal veins, – inside or outside the rectum.

Clinical features of piles or hemorrhoids:

Pain in the rectum and anus, sensation of fullness, burning and / or itching around the anus, and bleeding.

Causes of Blood in Stool

  • Chronic constipation of long standing is the principal cause of piles. Inadequate water intake and insufficient consumption of foods containing dietary fibre make stools hard and difficult to pass. As a result one strains, and undue straining inflames the veins, leading to piles.
  • Another important causative factor is use of laxatives.
    Using laxative to check constipations, provides temporary relief, but, in the long run, results in a weakening of the musculature.
  • Lifting heavy weights is another reason
  • Prolonged periods of standing also causes piles.

Treatment for Blood in Stool

  • Ensure that you drink 3 to 3 and 1/2 liters of water per day. Water / fluids assists in effortless and easy evacuation of the bowels.
  • Augment your diet with plenty of foods that provide dietary fibre. These foods are – fresh fruits, green leafy vegetables, whole grains, and soy. Fibre enhances peristalsis and bowel motion. It regularizes passage of stools and prevents the accumulation of toxic wastes.
  • The best home remedy for piles is dry figs. Consume them first thing in the morning. Figs prevent constipation, regularize bowel movement, aid in trouble free evacuation and check piles.

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