How To Get Rid A Pill Stuck In Throat: Must Do’s to Dislodge It

Most of us have swallowed medicinal tablets and pills sometime or the other. While majority of people swallow it without any major trouble, some people may experience discomfort or a feeling of pill stuck in throat. Such situation can make the person panicky. If it occurs the most important thing to do is to remain calm and follow certain steps to move the pill downwards. Although you have sensation of pill getting stuck in throat, you must know that your throat is quiet large enough to accommodate a tiny pill. Hence the chances of pill really getting stuck in throat are very less.

In rare cases a pill can lodge in throat just behind the larynx. This may give an uncomfortable feeling. It can occur if you gulp the pill without water or fluid. It can also occur if the throat is dry or lacks moisture. People suffering from weakness of muscles due to any muscle disorder may find difficulty in swallowing pill. Children may find difficulty in swallowing because their muscle reflex of throat is fully developed.

What must you do when pill gets stuck in throat?

You can prevent pill getting stuck in first place.

If at all it gets stuck, try the following methods to resolve the problem.

  • As mentioned earlier, prevention is better than cure. Hence before you gulp the pill, make sure your mouth and throat are moist. You can do by drinking small amount of water before swallowing the pill. Hold another sip of water in your mouth. Now take the pill in your mouth. Water which is already present in mouth makes the pill sleek and it becomes easier to for the pill to slide through your through when you swallow.
  • Tuck your chin towards your chest. Swallow the pill with water. This maneuver will allow the pill to move downward easily and with force. See that water that is in your mouth passes along with the pill.
  • Take the pill along with water. This is the easiest way to swallow the pill. Some people just swallow it without any water. There is more chance of pill getting stuck in throat in such a way.
  • Avoid taking pill in lying down position as there is greater risk of pill getting stuck in the throat.
  • Even if after taking all precautions, the pill gets stuck in the throat there are possible ways to pass on the pill downwards. For example take some bulky and soft food that is easy to swallow. For example a piece of bread may do the trick.
  • If the sensation of the pill stuck in the throat still persists, drink a thick milkshake. It will help to push the pill down from your throat into the stomach.
  • Eat one or two bananas to move the stuck pill down the throat. Swallowing apple sauce or peanut butter is also effective in getting the pill down into the stomach from your throat.

By following these methods a stuck pill can mostly get dislodged and pass down the throat. However, if the feeling still persists or you are able to swallow with difficulty you can talk with your doctor.