Nettle Rash Symptoms, Causes | Urticaria Home Remedies, Prevention


Can you suggest some home remedies for urticaria? Also what are the symptoms of urticaria pigmentosa in children?


Urticaria is skin disorder which is characterized by weals on the skin with severe itching. The disease is also called nettle rash. The condition can be chronic, acute and recurrent in nature. It is type of allergic reaction to the external stimulation.

Urticaria Symptoms

  • Red raised patch on the skin surface.
  • The weals are burning, itching and stinging.
  • The eruption can be of a coin size or smaller than that, it can affect whole body or some single part of the body
  • Fever, stomach upsets can accompany the eruptions

Causes of Urticaria

  • Drugs and medicines like aspirin, penicillin, quinine,
  • Foods like strawberry, tomatoes, cucumber, mushrooms, and chocolates.
  • Bug bites, mosquito bites
  • Emotional excitement

Home remedies for urticaria

  • Equal quantity of Vinegar and Rose water are applied on the urticaria to reduce the itching.
  • Mint and sugar should be boiled together in about 200ml of water and drunk twice in a day. It is helpful in relieving itching.
  • Turmeric is a valuable home remedy in treating urticaria. Take1 tsp of turmeric powder with water at least once in a day. This can be continued for a long time like a month or two.
  • Hot Epsom salt bath is helpful in relieving urticaria.

These are the few home remedies having beneficial effects in urticaria.