Natural Remedy for Body Ache and Fever | Prevent, Cure Body Pain

Home Cure for Body Aches and Fever:

Fever with malaise, extreme weakness, chills; pain in head and possibly soreness of throat are signs of flu or medically called as influenza. The earliest signs are headache, extreme prostration and soreness and bruised feeling in all the extremities and whole back.
There are three main types of influenza (A, B and C). Out of it type A is the most common. All the viruses are air-borne and are highly contagious. There are spread by droplets (sneezing, coughing, sharing anything etc.). After having its course the fever usually subsides on its own in 3-5days.

Preventing Body Ache and Fever:

  • Take lots of vegetable soups and fruit juices. Take at least two liters of water per day and keep yourself well hydrated.
  • All the items which decrease your immunity should be all avoided e.g. smoking, drinking alcohol, eating junk food or coffee.
  • Gargle with salt water if there is sore-throat.
  • One should keep himself well heated or warm. Do not take antibiotic for this condition as it is of no use. Keep personal hygiene as this may spread to others.
  • Garlic is known as natural substance which helps in increasing your immunity by fighting both virus and bacteria and hence it should be eaten raw (2-3 pods).
  • Home remedy for viral fever also includes adequate bed rest.

Natural Treatment for Fever:

  • Powder made from bark of slippery elm is very useful in this condition. Take a liter of boiled water and to it add 1 tablespoon of this powder. Mix it well. Honey can be added for taste if one desires (Add 1/2 cup) to it. This should be stored in a dark glass bottle and should be taken three to four times in a day.
  • Take two cup of water and to it add two to three ginger bulbs (take as fresh as you can). This preparation should be boiled for 20mins. 100ml of this preparation should be taking three to four times in a day or until fever subsides. Ginger has multi-action properties as it helps relieve body pain, improves blood circulation and helps relieve congestion of nose.
  • A drink is prepared by adding elder flower and peppermint leaves (5gms of each). Add to water and boil it for 20mins. Let it steep (15min) and the lid should be covered during this time. This preparation should be strained in a clean cloth and should be taken 100ml every two hourly or till sweat sets in and fever subsides.
  • Handful of each should be taken in equal quantity- wormwood, licorice root, alpine speedwell and sage. Add them to 250ml of water and Boil. Allow it steep for half hour. Take one teaspoon every half hourly or two times in a day.

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