Black Neck Skin Natural Bleaching | Glow Neck Dark Spots


Hi, I have some black marks on my neck, can you please give me some suggestions, as to how I can remove them?


Lighten Neck Skin

  • Black / dark discolorations of the skin, usually occur because of increased skin pigmentation in that area. Are the marks dark or faded? Since when have they been there? Have they altered in form, size, or color? Are there any associated symptoms?
  • Occasionally, the neck and the back tends to be neglected while bathing. This could result in an accumulation of dirt or occurrence of an infection.
    Pay special attention to the neck portion. A gentle exfoliating scrub is recommended. Also, ensure, that you use a sun block on the neck and back.
  • Application of neat lime on the spots will help lighten them appreciably. Lime has citric acid, which is a potent natural bleach, that can reduce the skin’s shade by up to 2 tones. Apply neat lime juice 3 to 4 times a day, on the neck, for about an interval of 1 month. You shall see obvious improvement in the color of the skin, with a vanishing of the dark spots.
  • Another powerful bleach is yogurt. It lightens the skin effectively.
  • Keep away from synthetic whiteners and bleaches, though. They are not recommended.