Lie Bumps: Causes and Home Remedies To Cure Lie Bumps Naturally

To this day, lie bumps remain to be mysterious. Despite of scientific researches, the causes and nature of lie bumps or transient lingual papillitis are still not ascertained. Contrary to the old myth that bumps would appear on your tongue should you lie, lie bumps appear for no particular reason at all. Lie bumps appear on the surface and other areas of the tongue and could be very painful especially when they get inflamed.

Causes of Lie Bumps

What causes lie bumps is yet to be determined that is why there is no proper recommendation for its treatment.

Some studies suggest that lie bumps are caused by indigestion and vitamin B deficiency.

Home Remedies and Natural Cures For Lie Bumps

Since the cause of lie bumps is not yet identified, a person with lie bumps is usually advised to apply home remedies and cures for lie bumps such as the following:

  • Get an ice cube and apply it directly on the affected area of your tongue. This will numb the area and decrease or even eliminate the pain.
  • Get a glass of warm water.
    Add a teaspoon of salt and gargle the mixture. This will reduce the pain and prevent the spread of germs which could be the possible cause of lie bumps.
  • You can chew fresh mint leaves before bedtime.
  • Drink a glass of warm milk with two figs for stomach cleansing.
  • Eat properly. Chew your food well and do it slowly to make your digestion process easier for your stomach.
  • Include lots of fibrous fruits and leafy vegetables in your diet to enhance better digestion. Whole grain wheat will also do you good.
  • Eat lots of food that are rich in vitamin B to increase your resistance to lie bumps.
  • While you have lie bumps, avoid drinking hot beverages and let your food cool down a bit to prevent inflammation of the tongue.