Kidney Pain Causes, Treatments | Kidney Colic Symptoms, Remedies

Painful Kidneys and Kidney Colic

A kidney or pelvic infection that starts in the urethra and bladder is the cause for severe, repeated pain in the kidneys. Symptoms of kidney or pelvic infection include blood in the urine, fever and shivering. However in presence of kidney stones there is a wave-like pain that reduces after five to seven hours. In case of kidney pain seek medical help immediately. The below mentioned remedies help relieve pain.

Note: See an experienced homeopath for constitutional therapy if kidney problems recur frequently.

Symptoms, Remedies for Painful Kidneys and Kidney Colic

  • Change in weather conditions affect kidney stones; there is colic like pain when weather changes and also during fog.
    Especially for people who are very sensitive to cold and have tendency towards gout and rheumatism.

Worse – Warm bed, motion, cold
Better -Warm rooms
Remedy – Acidum formicicum

  • Sudden, severe pulsating pain, that disperses into the sides and lower abdomen (urethra); face is hot, sweaty; sudden reddening of the skin; highly sensitive to motion; feet and hands often turn cold; acute anxiety attack.

Worse – Motion, cold
Better – Quiet, rest, warmth
Remedy – Belladonna 200 (One dose every half an hour until better. Or one dose every fifteen minutes, but not more than five doses)

  • Burning, piercing pain that is restricted, particularly on left side; pain circulates further into the thighs and knees; sometimes severe pain can also cause fainting; highly sensitive to motion; urine is very little accompanied by red sediment (substance settling at the bottom of the liquid).

Worse – Pressure, motion
Better – Quiet, rest, warmth
Remedy – Berberis

  • Severe piercing, burning or tearing pain in the bladder or kidneys, in men the pain moves on to the genitals; constant, unbearable pressure in the bladder; urine is produced scantily in drops.

Worse – Coffee, cold water
Remedy – Cantharis

  • Severe, cramp-like, tearing pain; frequent urge to urinate, but cannot produce urine; burning pain during urination; urine is less and has sediment.

Better – Warmth, bending down
Remedy – Colocynthis

  • Cramp-like piercing pain that radiates into the bladder; excess pressure on the bladder; often has urge to urinate; but cannot produce urine; urine is scanty and has red sediment; particularly passes brick colored sediment from the left kidney.

Worse – Pressure, touch, when waking up
Better – Warmth, walking
Remedy – Coccus cacti

  • Cramp-like pain restricted on the right side; pain radiates into the abdomen area, legs and sometimes to the arms; has cold sweats; stretching in large amounts relieves pain.

Worse – Pressure, lying down, in the evening, nights
Better – Walking, stretching
Remedy – Dioscorea

  • Painful urge to urinate but cannot produce urine; burning and tearing sensation in the bladder and urethra.

Worse – Anger, after rage, cold
Better – Warmth
Remedy – Nux vomica 200

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