Skin Rashes – Allergic and Viral | Heat, Urticaria Red Rash on Skin


I have an itchy bumpy red rash on my legs and tops of my hands, what could it be?


Itchy Rashes

Eruptions of this kind are usually allergic or viral.

  • Allergic Rash: Usually, allergic rashes commence within 2 weeks of administering a new medicine, or cosmetic or a skin care product. Since, there is no definite test to establish whether a rash is allergic or not, physicians advice stopping the suspected drug / product to ascertain the cause. Occasionally, soaps, detergents and certain foods also cause rashes.
  • Viral Rash: Individuals with viral rashes may / may not develop other symptoms associated with a viral infection – like sneezing or coughing, or gastric disturbances.
    Viral rashes invariably last a few days to may be a few weeks, and then fade away on their own.
  • Urticaria: Itchy, red weals or hives that come on diverse body parts. They run their course, and then fade away. A food allergy is usually traced as the cause.
  • Heat Rash: Another cause for skin irritation, occurs due to extreme perspiration during hot and humid weather.

Skin Rash

  • Most rashes are not dangerous, they last a while, run their course and vanish. To reduce symptoms of itchiness, ensure that you steadily avoid the causative allergen (soap / cosmetic / drug).
  • Make sure you drink plenty of water, to eliminate toxic wastes from the body.
  • Identify the offending food (it could vary with different individuals, chocolate, cheese, nuts, fish, mushrooms, oats, etc) and eliminate it from the diet.
  • Mix rose water and vinegar, and apply all over the rash. It is very effective in severe cases of inflammation and itching.
  • Take 2 spoons of turmeric powder mixed in 1 cup of water. It affords quick relief.

If the rash persists or becomes more widespread, a visit to a doctor or dermatologist is advocated.