Infected Puncture Wound: Causes, Symptoms, Home Remedies and Treatment

A puncture wound seems to be harmless especially that it does not usually cause excessive bleeding unlike cuts and open wounds. Because a puncture wound doesn’t look alarming, punctured individuals tend to ignore the wound without knowing that a punctured wound poses a lot of risk than ordinary wounds. Since the puncture wound closes immediately a few days after, the chance of trapping bacteria or spores of tetanus within is relatively high. The infected puncture wound causes range from ordinary insect bites to more serious reasons such as stepping on a loose nail or a fish hook.

Infected Puncture Wound Symptoms

You will know that you are having an infected puncture wound because of these following symptoms:

  • Gnawing pain in the puncture wound area
  • Difficulty to move due to increasing pain. As the infection worsen, the more painful the infected puncture wound gets.
  • Spreading area of redness from the wound moving outward. This generally means that the infection is spreading quickly.
  • Swelling around the infected puncture wound
  • Warm and tender wound surface. Could feel pain with the slightest pressure.
  • Discharges
  • Increasing wound area

Infected Puncture Wound Home Remedies and Treatment

The first thing you should know upon noticing any sign of infection is to go directly to your doctor or to the nearest hospital. Infections are dangerous and can even cause death if left untreated. The only thing you can do before you visit the doctor is clean your wound with hydrogen peroxide as part of your infected puncture wound treatment. Avoid aggravating your infected puncture wound by applying things that you are not sure of. Your wound hast to be assessed by a medical expert to give you the right treatment such as tetanus shots or antibiotics. Be sure to take your medication religiously to avoid relapse and further health risks.

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