How to Increase Body Weight | Diet and Food to Gain Weight

Question – My age is 25 years with weight 43 Kgs and height 5’8″. I used to take meals regularly but unable to gain weight. I have done gym for 2 months but there was no weight gain. I feel weak or tired as my physique is not good. I would like to the ideal weight for my height. Kindly suggest on how to put on weight?

Increasing body weight:

For your age and height, your ideal body weight ought to be within the range of 65-69 kgs.

Since you are already particular about the regularity of your meals and are also working out at the gym, I shall give you a list of certain foods that provide high calorific value and also the adequate nutrients.

Also, it would be advisable to get your thyroid profile done. Get the T3, T4, TSH levels assessed. Hormonal irregularities could prevent you from putting on weight.

You don’t feel tired or weary because your metabolic rate is high.

Do you suffer from – irregular bowel movement, irregular menses, palpitation, skin troubles?

Foods to increase weight of body:

Energy rich foods are:

  • Milk
  • Dry fruits – dry figs, dry apricots, raisins
  • Nuts – walnuts, pistachio, peanuts, cashew nuts
  • Bananas, mangoes, custard apple,
  • Roots – potatoes, sweet potatoes, beet

Diet and Exercises for weight gain:

  • Eat correctly. Do not eat too much off fatty and greasy food, which you might have to shed later on.
  • Stay away from fried foods, confectionery, sweet meats, ready-to-cook meals, pickles, aerated beverages. They provide only empty calories. No vital nutrients. Being under weight does not warrant gorging on them.
  • Keep a diary of what you eat, how much you eat, and when you eat for a period of 3 months.
  • A complete meal including sufficient amounts of carbohydrates, fats, and proteins in the right proportion is the key to weight management.
  • Manage your eating program-missed meals, inadequate meals, and inadequate exercises have disastrous consequences.
  • To increase muscle weight meals should be broken up into 6-8 small ones, instead of 3 big ones.
  • For weight gain, a sport, workout routine at the gym, aerobics, or a simple brisk walk should definitely be a part of your daily routine. Physical activity steps up your appetite, peps up the working of the digestive organs, and most importantly boosts your self-esteem. It is very important for you to accept your body and the way you look. And imagine a fitter, toned up you. It works!