Incisional Hernia after Hysterectomy: Pain, Hernias after Hysterectomy

Question: I feel discomfort at times I really can’t explain the pain if I should even call it a pain. But as I rub the area where my incision is, it feels tingly and a sore type feeling it doesn’t really hurt, but when I went to lift my grandson (23lbs) I felt some type of twinge. I had an abdominal hysterectomy Oct. 13, 2008. I didn’t resume any activities until about 9 weeks after my surgery. I kept everything to a bare minimal even my workout which I haven’t restarted with the exception of lifting 8lb weights twice I am using a support belt.

Incisional Hernia after Hysterectomy

Answer: Many times after surgery, there is a keloid formation at the site of incision. A keloid is a thick area of the skin which is formed after a cut on the skin.

Do you have such a thickened area on the site of incision? Do you get a bulge or a swelling at the incision site after coughing, lifting weight? If this is present then you have to rule out incisional hernia.

You have taken proper rest for nine weeks after hysterectomy. It is good to wear an abdominal belt which gives support to the abdominal muscles after abdominal operation.

If you are worried about any abnormality arising after the hysterectomy operation, consult your gynecologist, even it will be helpful to rule out incisional hernia.