Diet to Control Uric Acid Level | Hyperuricaemia Treatments | Gout Remedies

Question: I am suffering from High Uric acid (8.0). What are the remedies and diet for this?


Hyperuricaemia is a disorder characterized by raised levels of serum uric acid. The origin of this disorder is related to purine metabolism. There occurs either an increased production of purines or a decreased elimination. As a result the uric acid remains in the blood.

Causes of Hyperuricaemia or Gout:

  • Hereditary
  • Idiopathic or no known cause

Precipitating factors:

  • Stress
  • Alcohol
  • High purine (protein) diet

Hyperuricaemia causes gout – an inflammatory condition of the joints due to an accumulation of the uric acid crystals.

It would be helpful if you would detail your symptoms, onset, duration, medication, and family history.

Treatment for Hyperuricaemia or Gout:

  • During an acute attack, the best remedy for hyperuricaemia is fasting. Eat only fresh fruits and salads. Fast for a period of 2 days to detoxify your body. As a result the blood gets cleared of the accumulated uric acid.
  • Foods to be avoided totally – organ meat, fish, egg, alcohol
  • Stay away from processed foods and aerated beverages.
  • Reduce the intake of pulses and legumes to only once a week.
  • Foods that are rich in potassium – bananas, green leafy vegetables, and potatoes are protective against gout.
  • A combination of carrot juice, cucumber juice and beet juice is an invaluable remedy for gout.
  • Increase your daily fluid intake to prevent gout.
  • Cherries are the best and most effective in lowering serum uric acid levels.