Causes Of Fear: What Are Its Symptoms And Homeopathic Remedies?

Fear hints us of possible danger ahead, and so is a necessary emotion. Everyone gets feared sometime or the other in their life. It is a type of anticipatory emotion that may help people to recognize threats and dangerous events. Sometime fear helps to respond to such unfortunate forthcoming. However, fear becomes a problem when it crosses limitations and is out of proportion.

Fears that are unreasonable however clearly signify and alert us that our emotions are out of balance. One of the fears which most individuals are affected is fear to lose one’s identity.

If fear has severely affected your regular activities and the below mentioned remedies is not bringing relief within three days, seek the advice of your homeopath or physician.

Symptoms And Homeopathic Remedies For Fear

  • Extreme fear or feeling that danger is approaching. Nightmares; panic attacks with fear of death. Difficulty in breathing,  dizziness, quick and loud pulse. Hot flashes, red face and feeling of worry often after an emotional shock.

Worse – From hearing music, nights, around midnight
Remedy – Aconitum

  • Growing anxiety, especially after overwork. Fear of death, suffer quietly for a long time and then collapse suddenly.
    Especially for people who are concerned about even the smallest of details (perfectionist), and performances oriented people are common fear symptoms.

Worse – Night, when alone, after midnight
Better – Cold drinks, warmth
Remedy – Arsenicum album

  • Fear of bad luck and infectious diseases. Stubborn, confused, forgetful and afraid of losing one’s mind.

Worse – After mental exertion, at night
Better – When feeling secure, quiet, warmth
Remedy – Calcarea carbonica

  • Nervous, tired, frightened, anxious and in constant fear. Withdrawn, totally exhausted; cannot stay in a dark room.

Worse – Cold, in the morning
Better – Warmth, in the afternoon
Remedy – Kali carbonicum

  • Fear of failure while starting or doing new things.
    Is very intelligent but has self doubt. Very good grasping and good learner, haughty and pretends to be strong.

Worse – Warmth, in the afternoon, evening
Better – Fresh air, motion
Remedy – Lycopodium

  • Excessive worry, fear with deep depression, is afraid of making a fool of oneself. Very serious, anxious in a crowd, small spaces and has a tendency to faint.

Worse – When given sympathy, heat, sun, before noon
Better – Outdoors
Remedy – Natrum chloratum

  • Extremely sensitive to outside influences, extremely afraid of being alone and takes everything to heart. Fear of misfortune, darkness, future, burglary and sickness, fear of thunderstorms.

Worse – Change in weather, during twilight, things that influence the senses
Better – Sleep, rest, getting attention
Remedy – Phosphorus

  • Fear of darkness, being alone, ghosts, people who are shy and moody, fear of future and general anxiety.

Worse – Warmth in any form
Better – Motion, fresh air, outdoors
Remedy – Pulsatilla

  • Fear of being overworked, does not want to be alone. Frequently for working women and mothers.

Worse – In the evening
Better – Motion
Remedy – Sepia

  • Fear of responsibilities and failure. Sad, can’t think, easily discouraged and needs protection. Common in children.

Worse – Sensory impressions, exertion
Better – Fresh air, warmth
Remedy – Silicea