Excessive Forehead Sweating: What Causes It And How To Stop It?

Some people tend to sweat more than others. Excessive sweating is actually a medical condition called hyperhidrosis. Perspiration can occur in many areas of body, but it is quiet uncomfortable and embarrassing for a person when he sweats a lot over forehead and face. This is because the face and forehead are visible and a person cannot hide it.

Excessive forehead sweating can be controlled so there is no need to worry. You may have come up with all the possible ways to cure this discomfort but failed. Well, there are still available solutions for you as this is not really a hopeless case.

This article will discuss some ways in which you can control abnormal sweating on forehead and face.

What Causes Excessive Sweating On Forehead?

Sweat is a natural physiological process to keep the body cool. It is normal for the body to produce sweat while doing exercise or during fever. It does so to maintain body temperature. A person also sweats more when he is emotionally disturbed. For example when you are nervous or angry you may observe beads of sweat on your forehead.

However, in some cases excessive sweating occurs without any trigger, the condition is called as primary hyperhidrosis.

It is localized and limited to certain parts of the body such as forehead, face and armpits. The exact reason is uncertain, but it is believed to occur due to malfunction of the nervous system. There may be involvement of genetic factor. Though primary hyperhidrosis is not serious, it may be a social discomfort and annoyance for the person.

There are varieties of cause for secondary hyperhidrosis. It may be an effect of some disease or can be a side effect of medications. Certain medication used for treating psychiatric disorders, hypertension are known to produce excess sweat. Imbalance in hormones during menopause and pregnancy may produce excessive perspiration.

Fever, heart disorders, thyroid problem, Parkinson disease tuberculosis, etc may also have excessive sweating over forehead as one of its symptom. Eating certain foods containing MSG, excessive spices, caffeine and alcohol can trigger excessive sweating.

How To Stop Excessive Forehead Sweating?

The available ways to stop forehead sweating sometimes depend on how grave or serious the condition is. If the sweating ranges from mild to moderate, this can be easily cured by reducing the amount of sweating. However, for severe sweating conditions, Botox can be a very effective treatment. Botox is a really promising way that works for permanently ridding of excessive sweating.

Moreover, another method to stop excessive forehead sweating is by applying aluminum chloride on your forehead. Aluminum has been proven to reduce the sweating and at the same time kill the micro-organisms present in the armpits that give the pungent odor.

But the application of aluminum chloride also involves how worse the sweating is. That is, the more you sweat, the higher and more frequent is the needed amount of aluminum chloride. However, be sure to take the necessary precaution such as avoiding eye contact when applying the aluminum solution.

There are other available solutions to reduce excessive forehead sweating.

  • Drink plenty of water to cool down core body temperature. This will prevent too much of sweating all over the body.
  • Avoid foods such as onions, garlic, spicy food, alcohol as they are known to trigger excessive sweating on forehead.
  • Increase your vitamin intake. It helps the nervous system to function well. Since hyperhidrosis over forehead can result due to malfunction of nervous system, sufficient amount of vitamins in body may effectively reduce sweating. Eat vegetables, fruits, cereals, fish and egg as they contain plenty of vitamins.