Causes Why You Get Stomach Cramps After Eating Bananas? How to Relieve Pain

Banana is the most popular fresh fruit all over the world. Nowadays it is considered to be a super food as it provides energy as well as vital minerals and vitamins, besides high amount of fiber. Normally eating bananas is beneficial to our health, but unfortunately there are some people who may complain of stomach cramps after eating banana. Banana intolerance symptoms can arise if a person is allergic to banana or he is suffering from certain digestive disease. In short it means the person has increased sensitivity towards banana and ingredients present in it.

Although the symptoms of banana intolerance or allergy may not be life threatening, they are probably quiet discomforting for the affected person. Stomach ache is one of the most prominent symptoms. The severity of stomach pain can vary from person to person. Let us know the underlying cause for stomach ache after eating banana.

Causes of Stomach Pain After Eating Banana

Stomach ache after eating banana is uncommon, but in few people this can be quiet discomforting. It can produce stomach pain and gasses. Here are some of the common reasons for it.

Unripe banana: The amount of starch present in banana depends on its ripeness. Unripe banana is known to contain at least 12 times more starch than the ripe banana fruit. Too much of starch in food is difficult to digest. It can produce more amount of gas in the intestine and stomach. Excess of gas is known to cause pain and stomach distress. If you eat ripe banana, you may be avoid the risk of this untoward problem.

Gastrointestinal disease: People suffering from irritable bowel disease often suffer from pain in abdomen and diarrhea alternating with constipation. Eating certain foods can increase the symptoms of IBS. Bananas often produce discomfort in people suffering from IBS, because during the process of digestion, small amount of gas is formed which for a normal person does not cause any problem, but for person suffering from IBS, this gas can lead to pain and bloating.

Intolerance to fructose: Banana contains fructose a type of sugar which gives it sweet taste. Although it is less than other juicy fruits, still people suffering from fructose intolerance may suffer from sore stomach. Fructose intolerance is inherited condition. The intestine is not able to break down this sugar because of deficiency of certain enzymes. Fructose present in gut of such person gives rise to fructose intolerance symptoms. Usually the condition is diagnosed soon after birth.

Allergy: Some people may be allergic to banana. Person allergic to ragweed pollen may become allergic to banana also. Both ragweed and banana have similar types of protein. The immune system of the body may react to this protein leading to various symptoms such as sore throat, stomach ache and several other symptoms.

Treatment for Stomach Aches from Banana Consumption:

Stomach ache after eating banana is not common, but some people do suffer from it. Unfortunately if you suffer from this problem, then the best solution is to stop eating bananas. There are several other fruits that you can eat which does not contain ingredients similar to those in banana. If the problem occurs after eating raw banana, refer to eat ripe banana. In case of allergy, there is no other alternative but to avoid banana in your diet.