Cause of Lightheadedness: Symptom Light Headed and Lightheadedness

Lightheadedness or dizziness can be caused by a number of reasons. Several factors surrounding this symptom are identified. Some of the probable causes of lightheadedness include:

What Causes Light Headed?

Risk of Low Blood Pressure

What causes light headed? Well, one thing is that a person might be experiencing low blood pressure. Low blood pressure happens when the blood flowing from the heart decreases in volume. Lightheadedness can also happen if the blood supply flowing to the brain drops. In this case, medication is needed because it can be easily triggered by certain factors.

Irregular Heart Rate

Another factor that causes light headedness is a slow and irregular heart rate. This condition is also called bradycardia. Apart from this, neurological disorders and hypertension can also result to light headedness. Slow heart rate and other factors diminish the blood flowing to the brain which creates an imbalance in the nervous system.

Stress Factors

Moreover, experts also report that one of the common symptoms light headedness is about anxiety and other stress-related conditions. Hyperventilation and panic attacks can also aggravate the condition. Stress and anxiety affect the brain’s pH level which can trigger the feeling of giddiness and dizziness.

Vertigo Infection

There are also studies that reflect that lightheadedness can also be caused by viral or bacterial infections resulting to vertigo. Vertigo is a condition that involve imbalance in the fluids of the inner ear. When this happens, the person with vertigo feels light headed for up to several minutes and can even result to hearing loss or ear pressure.

Apart from these probable causes mentioned above, causes of light headedness can be a symptom of a severe and chronic medical condition. This symptom can worsen if it is left untreated. Individuals often experiencing lightheadedness must contact their doctor for further medical evaluation to figure exactly the reason for this condition.