Bronchopneumonia Treatment | Symptoms, Causes of Broncho Pneumonia

What is Bronchopneumonia

Bronchopneumonia is a severe type of pneumonia that is characterized by multiple areas of isolated and acute consolidation that affects one or more pulmonary lobes. This condition is similar to ordinary pneumonia, except that this is a more severe variety whose treatment requires special attention than its ordinary counterpart.

Causes of Bronchopneumonia

Bronchopneumonia is closely associated with hospital-acquired pneumonia. In a person suffering from bronchopneumonia, bacteria invade the lungs, which results to an inflammatory immune response. This reaction of the lungs leads to the filling of the alveolar sacs with exudates.

As a result, consolidation takes place: a condition wherein the air space in the lungs is replaced with fluids.

Symptoms of Bronchopneumonia

The following are the common bronchopneumonia symptoms:

  • Fever: Any body temperature that goes above 37°C or 98.6°F is considered fever already. In bronchopneumonia, fever may be a symptom for having the disease especially if it is accompanied by other symptoms such as colds, coughing, and difficulty in breathing.
  • Cough: Coughing is a natural reaction of the body to the presence of certain elements that may irritate the throat. Moreover, coughing is very important to keep the throat and airway clean and clear, thus making breathing easy.
    However, if coughing becomes persistent and especially if it is accompanied by mucus, then it is a sign of something more serious than ordinary coughing. A person with bronchopneumonia experiences frequent and excessive coughing, sometimes accompanied by mucus.
  • Chest pain: Any form of chest pain should be a cause for concern for those affected by bronchopneumonia. Chest pain is frequent and associated with excessive coughing and difficulty in breathing.
    A person with bronchopneumonia easily becomes fatigued and experiences difficulty in breathing especially after doing some strenuous exercise or after playing.
  • A person with bronchopneumonia not only experiences difficulty in breathing but also feels that there is also the sensation of not getting enough air. As a result, the person gasps for air frequently.

Treatments for Bronchopneumonia

The best bronchopneumonia treatment is to get some rest. This is to provide relief to the body and prevent it from getting fatigued, which is one of the common symptoms of the disease. On the other hand, one may prepare a home remedy by mixing lemon juice and honey to help soothe the throat and help the body expel the mucus that has concentrated in the lungs.


  1. Malebea said:

    I just found out that I have broncho-pneumonia and I want more information on how to take care of my pneumonia and ways to cure it. I am scared because a few people that had this disease have died earlier.

    December 17, 2009
    • Salina said:

      Some of the home remedies for the management of broncho-pneumonia include,
      – Tea prepared using fenugreek seeds helps detoxify the body tissues. Taking about four cups of this tea each day during the early stage will help resolve the condition effectively
      – Garlic is considered as an effective remedy for management of pneumonia as it helps reduce body temperature and bring down the respiratory rate and pulse rate in less than 48 hours. Garlic can be taken internally with tea or a paste of garlic can be applied on the chest to relieve the symptoms
      – Sesame seeds mixed with honey, salt and linseed oil are very effective in treatment of most forms of respiratory disease
      – A good and healthy diet is a critical component of management of bronchopneumonia. Consume a lot of green vegetables and fruits for about eight to ten days to hasten recovery. It is recommended that a consumption of juice comprising of a mixture of carrot, spinach, beet and cucumber will also be very helpful for patients with bronchopneumonia

      December 28, 2009
  2. T said:

    My son had bronco-pneumonia a year ago, he was two back then. His paediatrician recommended that he’d be hospitalized so he was hospitalized for 7 days. He was given antibiotics; orally as well as inter-venously. I wonder if a kid with bronco-pneumonia would suffer from the same disease again and is it really possible to treat kids with this disease at home (my son was very weak due to difficulty of breathing).

    February 11, 2010
  3. stephen maimba said:

    I pushed out flood water( few buckets) that had entered my house. Before I could finish, I became immobile-could not move, sit or talk. My neighbor came to check how I was handling the floods and noted I was incapacitated.
    She rushed me to the hospital. She told that I had convulsions on the way.
    I was admitted in a leading health care institution; CT revealed no abnormality, X-ray revealed that my vertebral column is damaged. A bone marrow sample was also taken for test. I was discharged a week ago with no reliable diagnosis and asked to return for review later. I am having chest pains and back pains. My abdominal muscles are also aching.
    Am I suffering from broncho pneumonia? or what is the condition?

    April 15, 2010
    • PUP said:

      It must be a hard task to drain the flood water from your house, what is your age? Did you fall down while draining the water? The question I am asking is to ascertain or to come to some conclusion for the cause leading to the damage to your vertebra. Do the reports suggest any fracture in your vertebra? As you were hospitalized all the investigation must have been done to rule out any problem if present.
      Bronchopneumonia if present will give rise to fever, do you have fever? Or do you get pain while breathing? An X-ray of the chest wall will be advisable to rule out pneumonia.
      The other cause which can be thought of is intercostal myalgia, i.e. pain in the muscle between the ribs.
      It is advisable to consult a doctor if the pain persists for a long time.

      April 19, 2010
  4. dennis said:

    My niece had bronchopneomonia but she is only 6 months old. She is experiencing difficulty in breathing. I am so very sad at a very young age she is experiencing that kind of pain. What is the best treatment that we can give to my niece for broncho pneumonia.

    May 6, 2010
  5. Avie said:

    My son (6 months) was hospitalized for 7 days because of Bronchopneumonia. He was given inject-line antibiotics, air pump ventamol/salbutamol,nasal-suction, nasal solution drops, fever tablets (they put into anus) for 7 days and after 7 days given orally antibiotics and salbutamol, and nasal drops for 5 days. And for the nasal drops continue until the nasal mucus dry.
    At home I give him a natural honey with warm water. Now he is quite better and active but still got the nasal mucus but still continuing the nasal drops.

    May 23, 2010
  6. AB said:

    I was diagnosed with bronchopneumonia, is there any way I can cure it using fruits? I have read somewhere, but doctors are advising that except lemon and honey, nothing should be taken. Will that be okay?

    June 10, 2010
  7. L R said:

    My baby was not injected w/ hepa-b and DPT w/ in 24 hrs., right after he was born, can this possibly be the reason why his immune system does not respond well? Like, as per his pedia, thru his lab tests, his hemoglobin is low though his milk is from Wyeth (s26 gold sometimes plain) and according to his pedia, if that is his milk, his hemoglobin is not supposed to be low cause if this is the case, that means there is something wrong with his immune system… that it is not responding well…

    November 21, 2010
  8. E S said:

    My son in the hospital, he’s asthma is attack, he can’t breathe, after the treatment from the hospital, he is okay…but today the chest x-ray result, he has bronco pneumonia, I am very worried, this is dangerous? Please help me, he is 5years and 8months old. He is also energetic.

    November 25, 2010
  9. J N said:

    My son who is turning two next week got fever once and then the following morning had cough. After 5 days, I can hear some crackles and wheezes in his breath. The doctor says if he had fever it would have been pneumonia. He losing his appetite but he is hyperactive. By the way my son is 18 kg.

    November 30, 2010
  10. PS said:

    My father just died of Bronchopneumonia. It led to multiple organ failure including gastrointestinal bleeding and renal failure. He just had a flu jab 1 week ago, he was a heavy drinker and smoker at the age of 66.Obviously it can be fatal.

    February 12, 2011
  11. CY said:

    My name is UI and I have severe pain that strikes like if there is a nail in my upper chest when I swallow, even if it is fluids. When I went to the doctor he says it is ulcer. Please give some remedy.

    February 21, 2011
  12. RS said:

    My son was hospitalized when he was 6 months due to bronchopneumonia. He was given a lot of antibiotics and other similar medicines for the treatment, but the result was not convincing since he still suffers from this illness. I wonder if a kid with bronco-pneumonia would suffer from the same disease again and again. Is it really possible to treat kids with this disease at home?

    February 12, 2012
    • TDR said:

      If he has repeated bouts of bronchopnemonia, there is a need to check for heredity as a reason. Do any of you in the family heredity have bronchopnemonia? Sometimes, allergic bronchitis is mistaken for broncho. Normally, food items do not cause bronchitis, but if you suspect a certain food may be causing it, avoid it and observe if these bouts reduce. if it is allergic bronchitis (Hyper reactive airway disease) it will go away as your child grows. Ascertain the real cause of the respiratory disorder first (make sure its no allergic bronchitis) and then seek appropriate medical intervention.

      February 12, 2012
  13. GD said:

    Can you please tel me what is the meaning of severe brohchopneumonia and pulmonary hemorrhage . My 3 months old baby boy died because of this. Please can you help me with details.

    March 21, 2012
  14. Noms said:

    My three weeks old baby just died of bronchopneumonia. I want to know if the baby can get this disease in the mother’s womb before delivery.

    June 16, 2012
  15. VL said:

    I went to the doctor on the 31st of May 2012, and he immediately admitted me in the hospital for 4 days. I went home and again on Saturday the 16th I could feel that I ‘m coughing nonstop. My throat is paining and I am worrying if there is another attack of bronchophemonia.

    June 18, 2012
    • PUP said:

      Besides coughing do have fever, chest pain or any other symptoms that were there previously. I assume you are taking the prescribed medicines on time given by your doctor. You may be keeping regular follow up with your doctor too. If not, you have to consult your doctor. Meanwhile eat nutritious food, take rest and avoid pollution. This will help in quick recuperation from your illness. It will also improve your immunity.

      June 19, 2012
  16. Gran said:

    My daughter got fever last week and it is accompanied with difficulty in breathing, which I presume is due to her cough and until now she still has cough. I am planning to take her to pediatrician tomorrow because I am very much worried. Is my daughter suffering from broncho pneumonia?

    June 27, 2012
    • PUP said:

      Yes you have to consult a pediatrician. Unless an X-ray of chest is done, you cannot be sure about broncho-pneumonia. However, if there is a need the pediatrician will definitely advise her for an X-ray. Meanwhile if she is above one year, encourage her to eat and drink healthy food. Warm soups, rice, bread etc. She should also be encouraged to drink water as this will prevent dehydration as well as help the accumulated mucus to get expelled out easily.

      July 2, 2012
  17. PD said:

    My daughter was diagnosed with broncho-pneumonia and was admitted for three days. They gave her antibiotics and also oxygen therapy was given. But still she has that green mucus and also coughs a lot and even sweats very much. What should I do now? Please help.

    July 5, 2012
    • PUP said:

      Continue the medicine as prescribed by your doctor. Keep your doctor informed regarding her progress. Keep regular follow up. Apart from this tell her to take proper nutrition. Warm soups help to relieve the cough. But take care that her food is not spicy and oily. It should be bland. She should take enough water.

      July 16, 2012
  18. AS said:

    Since few days, I am having pain in my right chest as well as back. It increases when I bend down. About 2 weeks ago, I visited a lab technician who conducted tests. He told me I am suffering from pneumonia, malaria, and typhoid. He prescribed medicines which I am taking regularly. I am still getting pain in right side of chest when I am breathing deeply. What is the best oral treatment for my problem?

    July 19, 2012
    • PUP said:

      I want few more information as I am not able to understand few basic things about your illness. Besides chest pain, are you suffering from any other symptoms such as fever, shivering etc? Do you get severe body pain? What did the test suggest? Was X-ray of chest done? Did it suggest pneumonia? Considering all the facts, I would suggest you to consult a good physician. Keep me informed after you have consulted.

      July 20, 2012
  19. Anonymous said:

    My son is seven weeks old. He is suffering from broncho-pneumonia. I am extremely scared. Can he be treated at home?

    July 19, 2018
    • PUP said:

      Bronchopneumonia is a lung infection. It can affect one or both the lungs. It usually develops after cold and flu. It is caused by bacteria or virus infection. Bronchopneumonia can occur at any age but in babies it can be more serious. Since your child is very small, seven weeks old, he will need constant medical attention. Hence it is wise to take treatment in a hospital where all facilities such as oxygen, intravenous fluid administration facility etc are available. Your child may also require intravenous administration of antibiotics. Consult your doctor for examination of your child.

      July 23, 2018

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