Boils or Pimple Under Breast: Causes, Home Remedies, Natural Treatment

Causes of Pimples Under Breast

Boils pop up like other giant volcanoes such as Kilauea and Etna. They are considered as the counterpart of volcanoes in our body. However, boils can also appear harmless and fine-looking. Boils are never pleasant to look at of course especially if it is located in our face or under breast. This is because it is primarily caused by a certain strain of Staphylococcus bacteria that penetrate the skin and infect the hair follicle and oil glands. In this case, our body’s immune system instantly sends its army of white blood cells to kill these bacteria.

Now, what results in this battle is pus, the debris produced from the inflammation.

Boils Under Breast Treatment and Home Remedies

When boils under breast produce pus, they can grow towards the skin surface, which rises up to give you extreme to moderate pain. Lucky for some, they have boils that tend to subside and be absorbed by the body. But for those boils that erupt, it can be a major discomfort. Boils are generally painful and hideous and can oftentimes scar your skin. However, they can be treated using remedies available from your home.

Some of these include:

  • Using a warm compress is very effective in treating boil. The heat from the compress will allow the boil to come out, drain, and eventually heal faster. Apply the compress for about twenty to thirty minutes for three to four times daily.
  • When the boil comes out with pus, squeeze it with a sterilized needle. Smack the boil in the head and prick it. Be careful in squeezing your boils under breast to avoid infection.
  • If you have a skin that is generally prone to contracting boils, then it is advisable to find ways in which you can prevent Staph bacteria from plaguing your skin. Use an antiseptic soap to kill the bacteria.
  • Lastly, always take showers instead of bathing. This will reduce the spreading of bacteria into other parts of your body.