Arsenic Poisoning Symptoms, Diagnosis Test, Diet Therapy


Symptoms started about 2 years ago ( loss of hair, metal taste in mouth, foot pain ( severe), hip/knee pain, hair and tongue standing straight up with foul taste in mouth. I have now developed nail striation in all fingernails and corns on feet. I am noticing several small warts developing on skin. Is it the result of arsenic poisoning?


The most common metal poisoning are arsenic, lead, and mercury. Arsenic is wide spread geologically and exists in organic, inorganic, and elemental form.

Sources of exposure: Arsenic is used in manufacturing pesticides, rodenticides, it is also used as a timber preservative, termicide, herbicides, in alloys and in pigments.

It is present as a natural contaminant in ground water in many parts world.

Arsenic can be absorbed after oral ingestion or in gaseous form.

Men are more likely to get affected by industrial arsenic poisoning than woman.

Symptoms of Chronic Arsenic Poisoning

  • Muscle weakness
  • Muscle pain
  • Excessive salivation, abdominal pain,
  • Garlic smell to their breath and tissue fluids.
  • Rain drop pigmentation, or depigmentation of the skin
  • Thickening of palms and soles with nodules
  • Hair loss.
  • Mees lines (white lines) on the fingernails, they look like traumatic injuries.

Tests for detecting arsenic poisoning:

  • Urinary arsenic level is used to detect definite diagnosis of arsenic exposure.
  • Arsenic levels in hair and nails are used to diagnose arsenic poisoning.

Diet needed for a person suspected of arsenic exposure:

  • Sulfur containing food can eliminate some of the arsenic content from the body, the food rich in sulfur are; eggs, garlic, onions , beans and legumes.
  • Fiber can also help in washing away of arsenic from the system.
  • Whole grain, cereals, fruits and vegetables can be useful in removing the effect of arsenic to some extent.

Chelation therapy is an option for chronic arsenic poisoning.

If you suspect arsenic poisoning it is imperative to consult a doctor immediately.