Health Benefits Of Trampoline Exercise: How To Do Exercises On It?

If you have been to a circus anytime, you must be familiar with trampoline. It is deployed as a net which provides safety to the trapeze artists when they perform dare devil acts. Trampoline is a device on which a person bounces up in the air and during the fall, it acts as a cushion from falling on the ground.

Since its invention decades ago, mini trampolines have been in great demand because people have come to know an array of health benefits. Instead of going to the gym, a mini trampoline at home is a valuable asset to keep your body and mind fit.

Mini trampoline is a small circular frame with number of legs to keep the ring stable. In the middle, there is a jumping mat made up of polypropylene attached with springs to the circular ring. A person can jump and bounce on trampoline or perform various exercises meant to be done on trampoline. In fact trampoline exercises burn several calories more than regular walking and jogging.

Health Benefits Of Doing Exercises On Mini Trampoline

Include trampoline exercises in your fitness regimen. It has multiple benefits which outnumber several other forms of exercises, including walking and jogging.

  • Trampoline exercises can be done at home. You do not have to go to gym or somewhere faraway to walk and jog.
  • It is best form of exercise for seniors and those who live a sedentary life.
  • Unlike walking and jogging, exercising on trampoline causes low impact on weight bearing joints, especially knees and ankles. This is because 80% of shock is absorbed by the trampoline pad which is not with the hard surface while walking on the road.
  • Trampoline exercises burn more calories than running. It is effective in losing weight. It is also beneficial in losing cellulite.
  • Bouncing and jumping exercises on this device is beneficial for heart health. It increases blood circulation and also improves oxygen utilization of the tissues and muscles. However, if you are suffering from heart ailment, always confirm with your physician before starting trampoline exercises. Trampoline exercise at least three times in a week is beneficial in reducing coronary artery disease.
  • It increases metabolic activity in the body. It thus helps to increase nutrient absorption rate and maintaining body weight.
  • Regular trampoline work up helps to reduce cholesterol and hypertension.
  • Trampoline strengthens the lungs. It increases lung function capacity. Patient suffering from lung ailments benefit by performing trampoline exercises.
  • You can build up your muscular strength with regular workup on trampoline. It also improves body movements and posture.
  • Since the metabolic activities are at its highest, you are not worried of digestive problems such as constipation and gasses if you take up trampoline exercising in your daily routine activities.
  • Trampoline exercise improves mental efficacy. With healthy blood flow and oxygenation, brain cells function at its optimum. Person feels more confidant and alert after the workout. It also increases production of feel good hormone, which is normally released after walking and jogging. It also improves sexual performance.

Exercises To Do On A Mini Trampoline

First you should have a mini trampoline in your house.

Exercise 1: It is a form of warm up exercise.

  • Stand in middle of trampoline with keeping feet 6 inches apart.
  • With your elbows on your sides, bend your arms.
  • Slightly bend your knee and jump on trampoline.
  • While bouncing, the distance between your feet and trampoline pad should be 6 to 8 inches.
  • Bounce in this manner 30 to 40 times.

Exercise 2: Jump up and down on the mini trampoline keeping both feet adjacent to each other.