Why Did I Feel Dizzy After Working Out? Remedies For Dizziness

Exercise is perhaps the most important way to keep your mind and body fit and healthy. A workout at gym or a walk in garden in actuality is not stressing your body, but in fact it is an activity that relieves stress. Exercise increases blood circulation as it makes the heart work more efficiently. Endorphins are feel good hormones; they are released when you do a workout. Release of this hormone makes you feel elated and refreshed after exercising.

However, it is not the case every time. Sometime you may feel dizzy and light headed during or after a workout.

This repercussion is often associated with doing exercise without eating, overexerting or due to excessive dehydration. Although not a serious medical problem in majority of cases, if you feel dizziness post workout frequently, it is time to consult your doctor.

What Causes Dizziness After Exercise?

Dizziness after a workout can occur due to varied reasons. Exerting too much during a workout is one of the most common causes that may lead to feeling of dizziness. Especially if you have not eaten anything before proceeding for exercise or if you have not taken enough water you may feel dizzy and light headed.

It has much to do with your blood sugar and circulation of blood. Workout on empty stomach or not enough intake of food can cause drop in blood sugar level. Low blood sugar level can lead to many symptoms, dizziness and feeling lightheaded is one of them.

The other reason is sudden slowing down of circulation after an intense workout session. When you exercise your heart rate increases, the blood circulating in arteries moves at faster pace. This leads to dilatation of blood vessels. But when you stop exercising, blood vessels still remain dilated for sometime although the heart rate returns back to its normal.

The vessels in the brain also remain dilated for some time. This can lead to dizziness after a workout.

Exercising in a warm climate or under the sun for long duration can cause fainting spell. The risk increases if you are obese or dehydrated or exercise in hot climate without adequate hydration.

Although dizzy feeling after a workout is considered not a serious health issue in majority of cases, it can be a sign of heart related illness. Especially dizziness or lightheadedness while exercising if you are over the age of 40 years.

Remedies For Dizziness After Workout

If you feel dizzy and lightheaded after a workout take rest for few minutes. Sit down in a place or lie down for a while. Gradually slowing down during the workout session will reduce such episodes. Let the vital functions such as breathing, heart rate and dilatation of blood vessels return to its normal at the same time.

A light snack or a glass of lemon juice with sugar and salt is useful if giddiness continues for a longer time. It will help to rave up energy and bring blood sugar back to its normal level. You can also try some sports drink as they contain sugar as well as salts.