Natural Remedy for Yellow Eye Discoloration | Preventing Yellow Eye

Yellow Eyes Remedy

Yellowish discoloration of eyes is usually prominent in the sclera of the eye. It is also known and referred to as jaundice. There are many reasons and factors why such would likely occur. However, it is something you should take precautionary measures, because it might be a sign of damaged liver.

Causes of Yellow Eyes

The yellow discoloration of eyes causes due to the pile of bilirubin or also known as bile salts in your blood stream. Hence it usually gives the yellowish discoloration. Not only does it affect the sclera of your eyes, which is the white portion, but it also can be seen in your palms and soles of your feet.

Sometimes it usually gives you a golden glow, which is something you should be worried about.

Here are some of the other causes:

  • It is usually indicative of liver cirrhosis also known as inflammation of the liver.
  • It could also be a result of eating too much protein.
  • There is a presence of bile stones, which usually end up blocking the flow of bile, and hence the accumulation of bile would occur.
  • Any other underlying disease or condition.
  • Hepatitis

Home Remedy for Yellow Eyes

While you are at home, here are a few things you can do to alleviate and lessen the discomfort of this condition.

  • Drink plenty of fluids. Hydrate and continue to drink plenty of fluid. This way, it allows and facilitates the excretion of the toxins out of your body.
  • Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables. Much preferred if you eat simple sugars as well. The digestion and breakdown of simple sugars facilitate the healing and regeneration process of the liver.
  • Get some rest and sleep. With the build up of toxins in your blood stream it would usually cause you to become irritable and you tend to get tired easily.
  • As much as possible seek medical help. Take note of your stools. If you notice gray discoloration or steatorrhea, which is also referred to as fatty stools, seek medical help.

Prevent Yellow Eyes:

  • Avoid drinking alcohol. Drinking alcohol can do a lot of damage to your liver.
  • Eat plenty of nutritious and healthy food.
  • Drink lots of fluid a day.
  • Observe and practice a healthy lifestyle.
  • Get yourself vaccinated with hepatitis immunization shots.