White Flashes in Eye: White Flashes of Light in Eye and Corner of Eyes

There may be some times when we feel we see some small specks floating aimlessly in our field of vision. These small particles drift over our eyes, and hence the term floaters. In some cases also, you can see them when you are looking at a plain background. These floaters may appear when you move your eyes. Floaters occur when the vitreous humor of the eye liquefies and leaves small particles adrift in the field of vision. When a person develops floaters in his eye, it may be come with the appearance of white flashes, also called as photopsia.

These white flashes in eye can be oftentimes seen in the dark.

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Causes Of White Flashes In Eye

You may be wondering what is happening inside your eyes when these floating specks start appearing in your vision. The simple explanation lies in the pulling of the vitreous gel from the retina as a person starts to age. Once this happens, the appearance of what seems like lightning streaks or white flashes in eye is caused by the pull of the vitreous from the retina.

These white flashes of light in eye can recurrently happen for up to several weeks or even months. However, if you suddenly notice some changes such as the increased appearance of these white flashes, it is important to seek the help of an eye specialist to see if there are serious problems.

Possible Reasons of Likeliness White Flashes of Light In Eye

Eye white flashes can also be an indication or symptom of an underlying problem. People suffering from migraine can sometimes experience white flashes of light in the eye. These flashes appear in both eyes as jagged lines that usually last for ten to twenty minutes. Flashes of light caused by migraine are commonly caused by spasms of blood vessels in the brain.