Causes Of Temporary Blindness: Sudden Temporary Loss Of Vision

Temporary blindness is a condition of sudden loss of vision which when corrected reverses to normal vision. There are many conditions leading to temporary blindness, such as cataract, glaucoma, optic nerve problem, foreign body in eye and some systemic causes such as hypertension, transient ischemic attacks, blood occlusion, tumor in brain etc and psychological causes.

Temporary blindness patients should consult an ophthalmologist in such a situation, to rule out any deeper causes.

Causes Of Temporary Blindness

  • When there is excess of pressure in the brain cavity due to fluid accumulation, the nerve endings of optic nerve are affected and there may be a shift leading to visual loss for a temporary period.
    When the intracranial pressure is reduced vision become normal.
  • Emboli from heart or thickening of blood will result into diminished perfusion of blood in the brain and the optic nerve cells, correction with anticoagulants will help to restore the temporary loss of vision.
  • Hypertension: malignant hypertension will damage the optic nerve and the optic disk, although if not treated in time it can result into permanent damage, but timely intervention by an ophthalmologist and a physician can save the eye from temporary blindness.
  • Cataract when removed will relieve a person from temporary blindness. Cataract obstructs the natural visual pathway and therefore its operative removal becomes necessary.

What Causes Temporary Loss Of Vision?

  • Psychologically disturbed persons with extreme emotion and stress may suffer from temporary blindness.
  • Chemical sprays and chemical products can also be a reason for temporary blindness.
  • Drugs like sildenafil, quinidine, can cause temporary blindness. Patient facing with this problem are advised to discontinue the drugs.

Migraine headache are can also cause temporary loss of vision due to vasospasm.