Causes Of Stye Eye: Natural Remedies To Prevent Puffy Eyes

Most people have experienced a stye or a chalazion on one or both of their eyelids at some point in their life. Besides being not particularly attractive it hurts and also there is difficulty in keeping the eyes open and reading and watching television.

A stye is a type of infection in the eyelids edge. An eyelash follicle gets infected and forms a bump that may include a head of pus. It is usually caused by certain pus-forming bacteria called the staphylococci. It usually is caused due to lack of eye-hygiene (regular cleaning and washing of the eyes).

Poor immune system, health, mal-nourishment, conjunctivitis and infections of eyelids can also give rise to stye formation.

Natural Treatment For Stye Eye Or Puffy Eyes

  • Warm compress for stye is very helpful. Apply the compress for 10 to 15min, four times a day. Continue this for three to four days. The warmth will relieve the pain if you have one. With the help of the warmth the bump may burst open allowing the pus to drain.
  • The following method of hot water compress is also useful for Stye eye. Take a bowl of mild hot water, it should not be too hot, as it may hurt the eyelid.
    Then immerse several clean washcloths in the water, pull one cloth at a time from the bowl, wring it and place it against your closed eye. Use one wash cloth per eye. Don’t put the used compresses back into the bowl of clean water. Hold the compresses in place until they cool. Then replace with new, clean compresses. Use warm compresses for about 15 minutes in each session. Dispose of or launder your compresses separately from your family laundry to avoid sharing your infection.

How To Prevent Puffy Eyes?

  • Late nights and excessive reading is to be avoided.
  • Adequate rest and proper eye care to be taken.
  • Protect the eyes from dust and smoke.