Pepper Spray Burn Treatment: How To Relieve Pepper Spray Burning

Capsaicin present in the pepper spray is the cause of all the irritation and burning sensation to the eyes and sensitive skin on the face. Since pepper spray is meant to hurt an attacker, it will sting badly in the eyes.

How To Get Rid Of Pepper Spray Burn?

  • Pepper spray is not water soluble, so washing the eyes with water is not going to work. Blinking furiously is encouraged, as it produces tears that can wash out the pepper spray drops.
  • In ambulances and emergency rooms, baby shampoo is used to relieve burns from pepper spray.
  • In triple-action sprays that contain tear gas, Campden tablets are effective in removing pepper spray burns. However, Campden tablets are also not water-soluble, so they need to be removed the same way pepper spray is.

How To Relieve Pepper Spray Burning Pain?

  • Whole milk has been found to be effective in relieving the effects of pepper spray. Like Campden tablets, whole milk is not water-soluble. To totally kill the spray burns, mix one part Dawn detergent with three parts cold water and apply to the affected area around seven times or at least until the effects are completely gone.

Treating Pepper Spray Burns

  • Another efficient treatment can be using a bottle of liquid antacid.
  • You can also try applying honey or baking soda.
  • Pepper spray is soluble in ethanol, so alcohol can be a good treatment.
  • After the pepper storm has passed, go for a cold shower. This will prevent the spray from getting any deeper into your skin.
  • Visit your doctor if you have respiratory problems that which might get complicated with the burn.