Treatments for Swollen Eye Cure | Swollen Eyes Causes, Remedies

Swollen Eyes Causes and Treatment

Swollen eyes are usually caused by the accumulation of fluid or the shifting of fluid to the ocular area. It can be either due to numerous factors such as the following:

  • Blunt injury or trauma to the eye: This would usually cause swelling of the eyes given that it is a healing mechanism of the organ to protect other tissues surrounding the affected site. Usually after or during the swelling phase, bruising would likely be present.
  • Too much stress or lack of sleep: Some individuals manifest sunken eyes when they don’t get enough sleep.
    There are also those who would have swelling and puffy eyes when exposed to too much stress.
  • After crying: The usual end result a person would experience after crying would be swollen eyes.
  • Allergic reaction: Swelling of the eyes is usually one sign and symptom of an allergic reaction. The allergic reaction may have been brought about by an insect bite or exposure to food allergen.

Treat Swollen Eyes

There are methods that you can observe to treat this condition. These are the following things you can do to reduce eye swelling:

  • Application of cold compress.
    It would likely relieve the swelling and relax eye muscles.
  • Cold compress applied on swollen eyes due to an injury can also reduce bruising.
  • Cucumber treatment. Slice a cucumber into thick slices. Leave these in a cold compartment for a few minutes, then place a slice for every eye to get the relaxing effect.
  • Teabags usually help as well. Place these in a cold compartment for a few minutes and place it in your eyes for 5 to 10 minutes. The herbs in the teabag help relax and provide a therapeutic effect.

How to Prevent Eye Swelling

It should go without saying that it is better to avoid having to go through these circumstances. Hence, these are the following you can observe to help decrease the chances of experiencing swelling of the eyes:

  • As much as possible avoid injury to the area. As they are very soft, the eyes are very sensitive and should be well protected from injury and any trauma.
  • Drink plenty of fluids every day.
  • Observe a healthy and nutritional diet.
  • Focus on foods rich in vitamin E and C to boost your immune system.
  • Get enough rest and sleep. Avoid sleeping late and waking up late.