Myopia in Children: Causes, Symptoms and Types of Myopia in Kids

The myopia in children condition occurs when young children suffer from myopia. Myopia children or child myopia occurs during childhood, particularly the school-age years.

In some cases, the use of the eyes for close work during the school years is considered to be the main reason for the occurrence of the illness. A recent survey regarding myopia children showed that 1 out of 10 or 8.4 percent of children suffer from this illness. This is an implication that myopia is a disease that could occur regardless of age.

What are the Symptoms of Myopia in Children

Myopia children usually have a progressive form of nearsightedness or myopia that worsens throughout childhood.

Myopia children comes with some of its common symptoms such as the following:

  • Difficulty in recognizing particular objects
  • Watery and sometimes swollen eyes
  • Getting close to an object in order to see it clearly
  • Looks at objects very close to eye like when close reading and the like

Causes of Myopia in Children

Myopia children could be a cause of close work at the child’s very early years. This is developed until the childhood years. But there are particular instances that are closely related to the development of child myopia other than environmental factors and they involve heredity.

In addition, the genetic pattern of parents who have developed myopia could somehow be transmitted to their children or even down to their descendant. Myopia in children is also referred to as infantile myopia. This occurs when a child has the complications of the disease even when still inside his mother’s womb and it persists until his childhood years.

Types of Myopia in Toddlers

Myopia in children is a serious condition that needs complete attention. The complications of this early-age myopia could get worse if not attended and ignored. In order to get enough attention to this type of myopia, it is a must to know the other forms or type of the condition.

The following are two types of myopia children:

  • Congenital myopia or infantile myopia
  • School myopia

Treatments of Myopia in Kids

Children suffering from this serious type of disease could wear eyeglasses and/or contact lenses to correct the irregularities. On the other hand, wearing of contact lenses for the correction of myopia children needs supervision of parents so that the condition of their children would not get worse. It is expected to get worse when contact lenses are worn incorrectly even with adults.