Causes Of Itchy Swollen Eyelids: Remedies For Inflamed Eyelids

Itchy swollen eyelid can be a painful and irritating condition. It can jeopardize the daily activity and work, if you suffer from this minor ailment.

There are many reasons for your eye to become swollen and itchy, some reasons are acute and resolve in few days after taking proper treatment and precautions. While some conditions take a longer time to heal, these conditions are chronic in nature.

Some common causes of itchy and swollen eyelids are:

  • ¬†Often conjunctivitis can cause itchy swollen eyelids. Both virus and bacteria are responsible for conjunctivitis.
  • Allergic reaction to cosmetics and drugs can be a reason for many people having itchy swollen eyelid.
  • Dandruff over the scalp can also cause similar white flakes on the eyelid and eyelashes. It can block the oil glands of the eyelashes. If these glands get infected with bacteria, it can cause a condition known as blepharitis. This condition is known to cause itching and swelling of eyelids.
  • The eyelids can swell due to a stye. A stye occurs when the oil gland is blocked and bacteria enter through the hair follicle. A stye is always painful. It forms a lump at the edge of eyelid.
  • Excessive exposure to sunlight can cause sunburn.
    This may lead to swelling of eyelids. Dry weather can irritate the eyelids and cause itching.

Home Remedies For Eyelid Itching And Swelling

Home remedies are effective in treating itchy and inflamed eyelids in many conditions, except in conjunctivitis where you need to consult a doctor.

  • In case of stye, apply warm water compresses for 5 minutes, 2 times in a day. The stye comes to a head and drains eventually after 2 to 3 days.
  • Avoid using cosmetics and dyes if it is triggering itching and swelling of eyelids.
  • Wash your head with homemade anti- dandruff natural preparations, if you suffer from scalp dandruff.
  • In sunburn, place sliced chilled cucumber on the eyes. It is effective in reducing swelling and itching caused by sunburn. Cucumber contains substances which help to reduce inflammation and irritation in eyelids. Place a slice of cucumber over the affected eye after closing your eyelids. Placing cool slice is better option as it is more soothing to the eyelids.
  • Warm water compresses alleviate the symptoms of blepharitis to a great extent.
  • Rosewater is used since ages to sooth eye problems, especially itching and irritation in eyelids. Mix one teaspoon of rose water in a cup of cool water and rinse your eyelids with this solution. Wash your eyes at least two to three times in a day.
  • Potato provides relief when eyelids are excessively itchy and swollen. Cut few slices of raw potato and place it over the eye. Keep it for fifteen to twenty minutes. After removing the slice wash your eyes with plain water. Use chilled potato slice for maximum benefit.
  • Apply wet and chilled tea bags over the eyelids. Experts and naturopaths frequently recommend it to alleviate itching and puffiness of eyelids.

If the symptoms are not resolved in one or two days, you should consult an ophthalmologist.