Cause Of Dry Eyes: Natural Remedies And How To Prevent It?

In people above 40 years of age, there is an itchy, gritty feeling in the eyes. Dry eyes are the most common external eye complaints.

Symptoms of dry eyes are:

  • Vision is unclear.
  • Persistent stinging or scratchy sensation in the eye accompanied by excessive tearing.
  • Irritation (due to the sensation of a gritty foreign body under the eyelid) swelling and redness.

Some common causes of dry eyes are:

  • Insufficient tear production by lachrymal glands, cause discomfort in the eyes.
  • It can also occur due to certain medications (diuretics and antidepressants).
  • Arthritis of eye can also be the cause of dry eyes in some cases.
  • Surface infections, eyelid abnormalities, low humidity, extreme winds, over exposure to direct sunlight, air conditioning, air pollution, high altitudes and soft lenses. These quickly dry out the eyes, and as a protective measure tears start flowing blurring the vision.

Natural Remedies To Cure And Prevent Dry Eyes

  • Re-lubricate your eyes by splashing water.
  • Soak your closed eyes for 5 minutes with a cool, wet facecloth. The gritty sensation eases down and the blood vessels constrict.
  • Eye drops or artificial tears can be prescribed by your doctor. They help in protecting the delicate front surface of the eye.
    People who are allergic to these products can use preservative-free artificial tears.
  • Use a humidifier at home to reduce dryness.
  • Wear glasses with side shields that protect the eyes from wind.
  • If you are working on the computer take a break every hour.
  • Smoking and secondhand smoke dries eyes, so avoid them.
  • Certain antidepressants, antihistamines and oral contraceptives can contribute to dry eye. So speak to your physician about it.
  • When you wear lenses, use re-wetting drops on the first sign of dryness and alternate it with eyeglasses whenever possible.
  • Both alcohol and caffeine have diuretic effect that can cause dryness, so their intake should be at a minimum.