Eyebrow Hair Growth | Tips For Regrowing Eyebrow Hairs Naturally

Have you ever tried experimenting with shaving your eyebrows or plucking them only to find that what you did ended in a disaster? Do you ever wonder then and there if you can grow back your eyebrows or ask yourself “does eyebrow hair grow back?”

Eyebrow hair does grow back but the amount of time for it to grow back often depends on a few factors. Eyebrow hair growth or regrowth can often depend on how you removed it and whether or not you are a person that grows hair back fast.


Regrowing Your Eyebrow Hair

Regrowing eyebrow hair can take days, weeks, or even months depending on what made you lose your eyebrow hair in the first place. For example, if you lost your eyebrow hair due to plucking, you can expect eyebrow hair growth to totally be done in 64 days. How long does eyebrow hair take to grow back? Here are some answers:

  • Waxing. This often takes the same time as plucking to totally grow back but you will see significant growth at four weeks.
  • Shaving. This is one of the shortest periods of time you will have to go without eyebrows since these usually grow back after a couple of days or so.
  • Medication or illness. Sometimes you will have to wait for the medicine that is coursing through your body to totally disappear before your eyebrows grow back.

How To Regrow Eyebrow Hairs

Some people try to find methods for faster eyebrow hair growth and one of the methods that they use for learning how to regrow eyebrow hair faster involves the use of hair regrowth products that promise the faster growth of hair. Some of these may be effective, while some are not; though at other times, simply stimulating the area with an olive oil massage makes you feel like it grows faster.