Home Remedies For Dry Eyes At Night: What Causes Dryness In Eyes?

Many people often complain of dryness and burning sensation in their eyes, one of the reasons is lack of tears in their eyes. Normally our eye is covered with thin layer of tears which we are not able to see or experience. Tears keep our eyes well lubricated and prevent dryness.

Tears are produced in lachrymal glands. Each eye has a paired almond shaped lachrymal gland situated on the upper side of the orbit. Eyes become dry when lachrymal glands stops producing tears in the eye, or they produce it in less quantity.

Dry eye may also occur when tears evaporate faster than they should. At times they may not disperse evenly in the entire eye region.

A person may suffer from dryness in his eye throughout the day, but when it occurs at night, it keeps him sleepless. Anyone can suffer from dryness, adolescents, young as well as old. The disorder may not devastate your eyesight, but it definitely becomes a discomfort and annoyance for an individual.

What Causes Dry Eyes At Night?

In modern days dryness of eye has become a computer syndrome. People who spend long hours in front of a computer while working, blink less number of times.

Less a person blinks more is the evaporation of tears. The problem becomes worse when he is working in air-conditioned atmosphere. Air conditioner absorbs moisture and keeps the room dry.

  • Reading and watching movies and television late in the night worsens dryness.
  • If you are wearing contact lens for many years, be aware, you may suffer from dryness in eyes, especially at night. Contact lens robs away tears and moisture from the surface of eye.
  • In certain eye disease where the eyes are not able to blink properly the tears dry up.
  • Certain autoimmune diseases which are responsible for inflammation in the body such as rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, may produce dryness in eyes.
  • Due to hormone fluctuations during menopause, dryness of eye is common in women.
  • Dryness of eyes can be a side effect of certain medicines. Antihistamines, beta blockers are in front. The condition worsens at night when they are taken at night.

How To Cure Dryness In Eyes At Night?

For a patient who is suffering from dry eyes at night as well as in the daytime, he has to keep his eyes well lubricated. It is possible with eye drops that act as artificial tears. Person has to put these artificial tear drops three to four times in a day to keep it moistened. They do not affect the vision of a person.

At night the most suitable alternative of eye drops is eye gel. Due to its viscosity the effect lasts longer and the patient can sleep comfortably for a longer period.

The underlying autoimmune disease should be treated if that is the cause for dry eyes.

Use a cold and wet cloth over the closed eyes. The coldness will relax the strained eyes after a hard day’s work and water will add moisture to the eyes.

How To Prevent Dry Eyes At Night?

  • Avoid reading in dim light at night.
  • Use reading glass if you need them.
  • Take a break between your works, especially if you are constantly working on a computer. Take your eyes off the screen for 10 to 15 minutes.
  • Make it a habit of blinking when you have to constantly focus on the screen of a computer.
  • Avoid too much of air-condition and windy atmosphere when you are suffering from dry eyes and night.