Dissolve Eye Floaters: How to Dissolve Eye Flashes Naturally

Dissolve Eye Flashes

When you experience tiny particles or strands of fiber or spider cobwebs floating in front of your line of vision, don’t panic; they are called as floaters. Eye floaters are not harmful; people just ignore and get accustomed to it. If the floaters tend to increase, this may be a symptom that the vitreous gel is being detached from the vitreous surface and this requires a doctor’s attention immediately to avoid a more serious problem like loss of vision. These tiny particles disappear by themselves naturally. However, if you can no longer take the nuisance that floaters bring in you, there are options that help you dissolve eye floaters.

How to Dissolve Eye Floaters Naturally


Several natural remedies have been developed for your option on how to dissolve eye floaters naturally. Here are some choices that you can try:

  • Antioxidants are good sources of vitamin A, E and C, and when included in the diet can be an effective treatment to dissolve eye flashes.
  • The use of hemp oil for food is the most favorable option to cure eye floaters naturally because of essential fatty acids it contains that prove to give many health benefits.
  • Maintaining a good diet is the best remedy on how to dissolve eye floaters naturally.
    Eat plenty of fresh vegetables and drink 8 glasses of water everyday. A glass of red wine is good for the eye.
  • Taurine is a good antioxidant that removes any waste that has formed in the eye.
  • Take herbs like gingko, lysine, and bilberry for they help circulate the blood to the vessel in the eye.
  • Eye floaters are believed to be an indication of congested liver, kidney, and colon. Cleansing of these organs with the help of herbal medicines can clear eye floaters.
  • The best remedy for annoying floaters is to ignore them, and eventually they will fade away.