Dilated Pupils Causes: How to Treat And Stop Pupil Dilation

You can see the pupils as a black circle in the middle of the eye. In the past, pupil dilation was a fad because it was thought o make women beautiful. They have used the plant belladonna, a potent pupil dilator. Belladonna is now synthesized for medical use.

Pupils are the black openings, present in the center of each eye; that permits light to enter. Pupil dilation means that the size of the pupils has increase. The iris or the ring of color around the pupils is a muscle that causes expansion and contraction of the pupils.

Dilated Pupils Causes

Here are some causes of dilated pupils

  • Darkness/Low lighted areas. This is a natural eye dilator. The reason why the pupils widen in size is to assist the eye in visualizing dark areas.
  • Stimulation of the sympathetic nervous system or the fight or flight response is another cause. When you get provoked, excited, nervous, or afraid, your pupils dilate for a better vision. Just as when a person sees something beautiful.
  • Medications or mydricatics. This is the no.1 stimulated pupil dilation causes. Pupil dilation medically termed as mydriasis is done in medicine to properly observe the eyes using an opthalmoscope.
    This is to determine if there are any injuries inside the eyes.
  • Side effects of certain drugs. Drugs such as hallucinogens, cocaine, marijuana, ecstasy, and methyl meth. Even mushrooms are dilated pupil causes.
  • Poisons such as black locust bark tree, chloroform, and jet fuel causes dilation if ingested accidentally.
  • Light: in a lighted area, pupils become small, since, there is sufficient light reaching the eye. But, in a dark room, the pupils dilate so that more light can enter to see properly.
  • Mydriatics: When one gets an eye examination, the physician uses mydriatics to dilate the eyes. This helps him to check the eyes better.
  • Poisoning: different plant and chemical poisons cause pupils to dilate.
  • Drug Use: legal and illegal drugs are known to cause papillary dilation.
  • Arousal: the iris is controlled by the nervous system. Excitement, fear or sexual arousal causes papillary dilation.

How to Stop and Treat Pupil Dilation

Home remedies for pupil dilation largely depend from preventing it from occurring. Here are some ways you can try:

  • Avoid dark or low-lighted rooms.
  • Avoid stooping down or bearing during bowel movements.
  • Tell your family members to avoid surprises and to avoid making noise or sudden banging sounds.
  • Also tell your family members to avoid banging your bed or your chair when you’re in it.
  • Always read medication or food labels. Make sure there are no mydriatic components. Most eye drops and anti-motion sickness drugs are pupil dilation causes.
  • The treatment comprises of correct diagnosis and appropriate management of the cause. ┬áTreatment takes in to account the age, principal cause, the occurrence of any concomitant disease, and medical history.
  • Hospitalization and intensive care are essential. It is important to handle, neurological conditions, head injury, hematoma, hemorrhage, aneurysm or tumor.
  • Life-support measures are vital. Occasionally, surgical intervention is necessary to reduce intra-cranial pressure.
  • Poisoning and drug over dose requires the appropriate management and treatment.
  • Treatment is optimally attained through a multi-faceted drug regimen and rehabilitation, medical supervision, in-patient care, and counseling.

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