Corneal Scarring: Causes, Symptoms And Treatment For Scar On Cornea

Cornea is a transparent part of the eye through which the light enters inside the eye. Light is focused on the eye through refraction on the cornea and then on the lens and inner portion of the eye.

Corneal Scarring

Corneal scarring is scar on corneal tissue. Corneal scarring results into visual opacity or visual impairment. It will depend on the extent of corneal damage.

Cornea is an important part in the eye for focusing the object on the lens. A Scar on cornea will not allow certain amount of light to enter the eye; this will depend on the intensity and severity of scarring.

Symptoms Of Corneal Scarring

Symptoms of corneal scarring are irritation and excruciating  pain in the eye, watering of eyes, redness of eyes, difficult vision, blurred vision or blindness if the scar in big.

Causes Of Corneal Scarring

Corneal scarring is usually caused by trauma to the eye. It can be an abrasion or a burn. Surface abrasion does not stay permanently; it heals after a period of time. Though in the initial days, the person may have blurred vision or can suffer from temporary opacity. Burns on the corneal surface leaves a permanent scarring. This will depend on how deep is the burn.

The other possible cause for corneal scarring is diseases like keratitis and herpes. Infections of the cornea are dangerous, and hence lot of care and precautions are taken while treating them. Immediate and prompt treatment of corneal infection may save the eye from opacity and blindness.

Scar On Cornea Treatment

Treatment of corneal scarring if caused due to superficial foreign body is removal of the FB and antibiotic eye drops. Healing will take place in few days.

In irreversible corneal damage, corneal transplant is considered. The outcome of corneal transplant is usually good in the hands of an experienced ophthalmologist. At times the body ejects the donor cornea after the transplant; in such cases the outcome of the surgery is poor.