Can Wearing Contact Lenses Too Long Cause Headaches?

Many of the problems related to vision are because of refractory error. The light which enters into the eyes passes through cornea and lens. It gets focused on the retina. Optic nerve attached to retina carries the signals to brain where an image is formed. In refractory error the light that enters does not focus correctly on retina, but gets converged either before or beyond the retina. This leads to nearsightedness or farsightedness.

Use of contact lens or glasses helps the light to correctly focus on retina. However, sometimes wearing wrong prescription contact lens can create problems such as blurred vision and headache.

There are several other known factors that may cause headache in a person wearing contact lens. Let us find the reasons.

How Can Contact Lenses Cause Headache?

Here are some causes for headache in contact lens wearers:

  • Wrong prescription: It may not occur always, but if an error occurs in the prescription power of contact lens, than the person may be wearing weak, strong or incorrect contact lens. This may lead to straining of eye and headache. In such case replacing with correct power lens will be an effective cure for such headache.
  • Wearing contact lens for a long period of time can make them dry.
    As a result they may become tight. This may possibly cause straining of your eyes and headache.
  • Contact lens wearers can suffer from dry eye which is also called keratoconjunctivitis sicca. Normally the tear ducts makes tears to keep the eyes moist. Tears form a thin layer on the surface of the eye. However, if tears are not produced in sufficient amount it may lead to various problems such as itching, burning, and even headache because the person often squints when his eyes are dry.
  • A person who works on computers for long period of time daily may suffer from computer vision syndrome. The characteristic features of this syndrome are eye strain and headache. Although wearing contact lens does not necessarily cause headache when you are working in front of a computer, it can produce added discomfort to the eyes.
  • Nowadays people wear contact lens not merely for refractory error but some people also wear them for cosmetic purpose. If the lenses selected are not standard or if the person does not learn how to fit the lens from optometrist, there is likelihood of him suffering from eye irritation and headache.
  • Often sinusitis is the cause of headache. Sinusitis is infection in the paranasal sinuses that are located near the eyes. Headache is one of the symptoms of sinusitis. However, since the location of sinuses is around the eyes, people presume headache is caused because of problem in eyes.

How To Prevent Headache Due To Contact Lenses?

It is always good to see the ophthalmologist if headache has started recently after using contact lens or if you have changed the lens. Tell your doctor if you are having less headache episodes when you wear glasses as compared to contact lens.

Contact lens also comes in different shades and colors. Some colors are cooling to brain. If you are having headache after wearing contact lens, try tinted lens as they may prevent headaches caused by plain contact lens. There are various types of colored contact lens, you ophthalmologist will be able to tell you which shade will be beneficial. By wearing such lens, person may have less episodes of contact lens related headache.

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