Causes Of Burning Sensation In Eyes: Natural Remedies To Cure It

Burning sensation in the eyes is a common disorder, experienced by individuals of all ages. The causes of burning sensation may be attributed to prolonged exposure to computer screen or television, lack of sleep, dehydration, dryness in the eyes, etc. Eye infections including conjunctivitis or a stye are also common causes of burning and watering of the eyes.

Allergic conjunctivitis is common as compared to bacterial conjunctivitis. Common allergens are dust, pollen, dander, cosmetics and perfumes etc. Food allergy and drug allergy can also cause burning and redness in eyes.

It is important to visit your ophthalmologist to rule out any serious complications like blepharitis or eye infections.

Individuals with refractory errors may also experience burning sensation in the eye due to overuse. Exposure to extreme of temperatures causes dryness in eyes leading to burning sensation. Burning in eyes is common in people who are exposed to too much of sunlight or dry windy winter atmosphere.

Natural Remedies For Burning Sensation In Eyes

Burning in eyes is caused due to many reasons. For example if the underlying reason for burning in eyes is due to change in environmental condition, the simple way to alleviate burning is to take certain measures to protect the eyes, such as wearing goggles etc.

If the underlying cause is an allergen, then anti allergic medicines may be useful to reduce burning sensation. Withdrawal of suspected allergic foods or drugs may alleviate burning. If there is history of exposure to chemical irritants, urgent ophthalmic consultation is necessary.

When the underlying cause is minor, it can be managed with home remedies.

Here are a few simple tips that one can try to reduce the inflammation and burning sensation in the eyes:

  • Splash cold water on the eyes, with the eyelids closed. Rose water is known to produce a soothing effect on the eyes.
  • Aloe juice is considered to have profound soothing effect on the eye. Freshly extracted aloe juice can relieve burning in the eye. Few drops of aloe vera juice each day can provide instantaneous relief.
  • Dab the eyes with soft cloth. Using lavender oil or chamomile can also be beneficial.
  • Regular massaging of the eyes and consumption of carrot juice has profound benefits on the eye and reduces burning sensation.
  • When your eyes are tired and burn due to constant concentration, place two slice of chilled cucumber on your eyes. Keep them for 20 minutes. It relieves the burning sensation within few hours.
  • Rose water has soothing effect on eyes. It is a time tested home remedy for burning in eyes. Dip cotton ball in rose water and place it over the eyes. Do it two times in a day.
  • Avoid staring at one particular object for long time without blinking your eye. Often people do so while working on a computer. Make habit to blink after few minutes when you are working on a computer.
  • Humidify your room when there is dry cold air. It helps the eyes to be moisturized.