Blocked Tear Duct Causes, Remedies | How to Unblock Tear Duct

Blocked Tear Duct:

There are numerous reasons and factors why our tear ducts are blocked. It usually would turn out to be a nuisance for an individual especially when you have an occupation that deals with people like in a customer service. It makes you ill at ease with yourself and the fact that you will tend to have the mannerism to be touching your eyes now and then.

What Is Blocked Tear Duct?

Blocked tear duct is usually caused by numerous reasons. It could be an existing or underlying condition that you may presently have or it would just be due to external factors you would be exposed to more frequently.

Here are the causes of blocked tear duct:

  • Consistent exposure to dirt and dust. An occupation that deals with dirt such as dust and sand can make you predisposed to experiencing this condition.
  • Underlying health condition such as diabetes, which usually has clinical manifestations in the eyes.

Unblock Tear Duct:

What usually happens when there is a blocked tear duct is that there is usually a constant build up of dirt in your eyes. There is also an increased risk for frequent irritation in the eye due to the lack of lubricant in the eye causing dryness.

Here are the following measures you can do at home to alleviate the discomfort due to this condition:

  • Flush your eyes with water once in a while.
  • If clogged or there is an accumulation of dirt, use a clean cloth, dip it in warm water, and use it to clean your eyes.
  • As much as possible, try to avoid straining your eyes. Lessen the hours watching television and reading.
  • Slice a cucumber, place the slices in a cool compartment and place it over your eyes for 30 to 45 minutes. The coolness of the cucumber and its nutrients can replenish and at the same time clean your eyes.

Bear in mind as well that if the condition still persists and if there is evidence of bleeding, redness in your conjunctiva, and if there is any sign of severe headache and loss of vision, seek medical help as soon as possible.

In any case, however, these are the following measures you can observe to prevent block tear duct from happening to you.

  • Have a healthy lifestyle. Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables. Increase your intake of vitamins A and E. Eat fruits and vegetables that are rich in color. This usually is a sign that it is good for your eyes.
  • Take good care of your eyes. Avoid straining them such as prolonged watching television, reading a book with no good light, reading while traveling, and try to get some good night sleep.