Spearmint Essential Oil: How to Make, Uses and Properties

Spearmint Essential Oil Benefits

Spearmint essential oil is produced by extracting oil from spearmint plant through a process called steam distillation. Spearmint, whose scientific name is Mentha spicata, has an aroma that is similar to that of peppermint, which is primarily due to the menthol component that they both have. It is perennial herb with bright green leaves and lilac-colored flowers.

There are different methods to follow on how to make spearmint essential oil. But generally, the way you produce it is similar to the production of any other essential oil.

Spearmint Essential Oil Uses

The essential oil from spearmint has many uses, which can be attributed to its properties such as restorative, antiseptic, stimulant, insecticide, and antispasmodic.

The various spearmint essential oil benefits are given as follows:

  • Antiseptic. Works well on wounds and ulcers, protects them from infections and helps in faster healing
  • Carminative. Induces relaxation and gives relief to restlessness, insomnia, loss of appetite, vomiting, and other related illnesses
  • Cephalic. Relieves stress and other neuro-problems
  • Disinfectant. Has anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-viral properties that help get rid both of internal and external infections
  • Restorative.
    Restores and maintains proper functioning of organ systems
  • Loaded with vitamin A and C and has a sweet taste

Aside from the given benefits, this oil has also a variety of uses. Spearmint essential oil uses are:

  • For culinary purposes
  • Helps relieve mental fatigue
  • For minor skin eruptions
  • For asthma, bronchitis, and other respiratory problems
  • As soap-making ingredient, lotion, massage oils, diffuser, bath oils, and more
  • As insect repellent

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