How To Use Sandalwood Essential Oil for Weight Loss

Sandalwood is a precious gift from the plant kingdom. The botanical name of sandalwood tree is santalum album. Sandalwood is considered to be a valuable tree in world for its various uses. The heartwood which is the central part of sandalwood tree is precious for its fragrance. Its pleasant woody aroma makes it a good choice in perfumery and cosmetic industry. Sandalwood essential oil is obtained from steam distillation of the heartwood powder. The oil has sweet and spicy warm fragrance. This is attributed to the two forms of sesquiterpene alcohol namely alpha santalol and beta santalol.

Usually the most utilized of all species of sandalwood plant are those commonly found in India (santalum album). There are several benefits of sandalwood tree and its extracted essential oil. Those intending to reduce their weight may be surprised to know that sandalwood oil plays important role in loss of weight. How it is let us understand in the next paragraph.

Sandalwood Essential Oil for Weight Loss:

One of the incredible health benefit of sandalwood oil is it promotes mental clarity. The sweet and woody fragrance is responsible for it. This is why it is used in aromatherapy, meditation and spiritual rituals.

The essential oil has relaxing and calming effect when smelled or rubbed on skin. The aroma of sandalwood oil is known to affect the brain positively. It tends to increase production of serotonin, a feel good hormone in brain. This brings about positivity and happiness in a person.

Many times a person is stressed from various problems. This makes him eat more. There is scientific evidence, that people often eat more when they are depressed and anxious. During emotional eating you are not sure or conscious of what you are eating and why you are eating. When you are low and depressed, you may find food to be the only pleasure and rewarding. Thus if you are not a mindful eater, especially when you are stressed, there is increased risk that you are going to put on weight due to overeating. It is because of lack of self control over food. In such situation, sandalwood essential oil is beneficial for controlling emotionally linked food craving. Sandalwood oil has quality of suppressing the negativity in mind and brings calmness and clarity from its fragrance. The wonderful scent of sandalwood oil has positive effect on the limbic system of the brain. This area of brain is primarily concerned of emotions, such as anger, pleasure etc. It also controls hunger. Hence when sandalwood oil balances the emotions, you will become more mindful while eating. More importantly you will not consider food as a reward to feel good when stressed. This will definitely help in your weight loss program.

How to use sandalwood oil for weight loss:

The therapeutic relaxing properties of sandalwood essential oil are beneficial for managing stress. The essential oil of sandalwood can be used in various ways for your weight loss program.

  • Inhalation: Put few drops of sandalwood oil on cotton ball. Inhale the scent. It gives pleasant feeling instantly. It gives instant relaxation to mind and takes away your unconscious craving for food.
  • Topical application: Apply sandalwood oil on wrist and ankle in the morning to curb craving for food and enjoy the day in a more relaxed manner.
  • Diffuse: Add few drops of oil on the upholstery or on the sides of your pillow for the amazing relaxing aroma.

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