Rose Bulgar Essential Oil: Benefits, Uses And Properties

Rose Bulgar Essential Oil Properties

Rose bulgar is a type of rose that mainly grows in Bulgar, Turkey, and France.  Soil and climate is very important for this kind of rose to grow. The rose bulgar essential oil is derived from steam distillation of fresh rose petals.

Benefits of Rose Bulgar Essential Oil

  • Provides soothing and calming effects to the mind
  • Uplifts mood
  • Relieves stress and other stress related conditions
  • Beneficial to women’s reproductive system
  • Has a cooling effect. Its aroma is ideal during hot weather.
  • Increases a sense of well being and feelings of vitality
  • Can calm agitated children and hyperactivity
  • Relieves symptoms of menopausal women
  • Relieves the PMS and women’s physiological difficulties during menstruation.
  • Treats digestive disorders such as gastroenteritis, damaged intestinal walls, and gastric ulcers due to its antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties
  • Treats nausea
  • Another rose bulgar essential oils benefits is its efficacy in treating skin problems and in speeding up the healing of inflammation and itching of the skin.
  • Relieves dryness and heat of the skin

Rose Bulgar Essential Oil Uses

The essential oil from this flower can be used to treat, relieve, or heal:

  • conjunctivitis
  • dry skin
  • broken capillaries
  • poor circulation
  • eczema
  • sensitive complexions
  • cholecystititis
  • muscles
  • joints
  • antidepressant
  • liver congestion
  • treatment of asthma
  • antiseptic
  • coughs
  • hay fever
  • palpitations
  • headaches
  • frigidity
  • insomnia
  • impotence
  • depression
  • nervous tension
  • fainting
  • nausea
  • colds
  • shock
  • convalescence
  • hair loss
  • cuts
  • bleeding

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