Lime Essential Oil: Health Benefits Of Lime Oil Recipes

When you think of lime you may recollect about its benefits and how it saved lives’ of sailors suffering from scurvy in olden days due to severe vitamin C deficiency. Lime is a native tree of India, Spanish explorers while traveling brought it to North America.

The lime essential oil is extracted by cold compression of fresh peel of lime, or by way of steam distillation of dried peels.

Botanical name of lime is citrus Aurantifolia, it is from the family of Rutaceae, and lime essential oil has sweet and refreshing scent which enhances the nervous system.

Lime is commonly used in pickles, sauces, sorbets, cosmetics and soaps due to its health benefits and pleasant aroma.

The main constituents of lime essential oil are limonene, bergaptene, citral, camphene, linalool,alpha pinene, beta pinene etc.

Benefits Of Lime Essential Oil

  • Lime is an antioxidant, anti septic, anti viral and anti bacterial agent, so is its essential oil.
  • When essential oil of lime is used for massage, it tones the muscles, tissues and the skin. It enhances circulation and nerves and helps to retain youth and vitality.
  • Lime essential oil is an effective haemostatic due to its property of promoting coagulation.
  • Due to its disinfectant property lime essential oil is added in soaps, baths and sauna.
  • Lime essential oil with witch hazel cream is used to treat acne when applied externally on the acne.
  • Lime essential oil when inhaled is used in bronchitis. It allows the mucus to drain easily.

Lime Essential Oil Recipes

  • Safflower oil 1 ounce.
  • 6drops of lime essential oil.
  • 3 drops of orange essential oil.

Blend the oils with safflower oil and use it as massage oil. It helps good circulation and keeps the skin moist.

As lime essential oil is photo sensitive, do not go out in direct sunlight, at least 5 to 6 hours after its application.