Essential Oils For Cold Sores: Aromatherapy Oils For Herpes Simplex

Cold sores in medical terminology is called as herpes simplex virus, it is relatively not a serious disease.

Cold sore are painful and unsightly in appearance, they usually occur around the mouth. It can also occur in and around genitals. They are characterized by small fluid filled blisters, which are itchy and painful.

Essential Oils For Cold Sores Remedies

Essential oils is a highly odoriferous substance found in particular aromatic plant, and the oil is given the name from that particular plant or substance. Essential oil is extracted by distillation from plants leaves, stems, roots, fruits or seeds.

They are non greasy, volatile and made up of mixture of organic chemicals such as esters, acids, aldehydes, terpens etc.

Since cold sore is a viral infection certain essential oils are effective in its cure as an alternative therapy.

  • Rose: it is from Rosaceae family, rose essential oil is extracted from the flower petals, and it is an antiseptic besides it hydrates, moisturizes and stimulates the skin around the mouth when applied on cold sores.
  • Tea tree oil: it improves the immune system besides it has antiviral and anti bacterial properties. Tea tree can be applied on cold sores over mouth as well as genitals.
  • Bergamot: believed to have antiviral and antibacterial properties. Local application should not be more than .5 to 1 % diluted in base oil.
  • Lavender oil: it is known for its relaxing properties and improving skin tone. Pain and itching gets better after applying lavender oil on cold sores
  • Melissa or lemon balm: its early use some times aborts the infection of herpes simplex or reduces its duration.

Aromatherapy Oils For Cold Sores Or Oral Herps

  • Any one of the above aromatherapy essential oil can be applied locally; a cotton ball can be used for its application. One to two drops of the oil is used to apply on the cold sore.
  • Many people have delicate skin, in such cases essential oil can be mixed with base oil such as olive oil before its application.
  • Aromatherapy acts on holistic principles: it awakens and strengthens vital energy and self healing capabilities of the patient.