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Improve Urine Flow

The urinary system is a complex and multifunctional cycle that both functions as a filtration of toxins in the blood and as an excretory organ as these toxins are released out of the body through an end product known as the urine.

All About Urine

  • Normally a person would likely excrete 1,000mL of urine per day. In each hour, the urine needs to produce 20mL. This would indicate that the kidneys are functioning well.
  • The normal color of urine is straw amber.
  • Urine usually has an aromatic smell.

The Parts of the Urinary System

  • Kidneys: Humans have two kidneys, and their most important function is for the filtration of toxins from the blood.
  • Ureters: As the urine passes down from the kidney to the ureters, it is then stored in the urinary bladder.
  • The urinary bladder is a unique organ that can hold urine for quite some time. However, the sphincter of the bladder will eventually signal an individual that it is time to urinate.
  • Urethra: The length of the urethra of a woman and man is different.

Controlling the Urine Flow

Certain laboratory procedures would sometimes ask a specimen that’s based on how it is acquired. With these, an individual must be able to know the technique especially on doing the Valsalva maneuver that helps control the urge to urinate.

  • Mid stream: You pass urine, you hold it, you get the specimen, then you continue urinating.
  • Clean catch: You simply catch the urine that’s first passed.

Problems in Urine Flow

The common problems encountered with one’s urine flow normally includes urinary dysfunctions such as UTI, also known as urinary tract infection, which can result to urinary incontinence. The urge to urinate is sometimes uncontrollable. Sometimes stress plays a factor as well. If you are situated in a location where you find it uncomfortable to urinate, your body reacts and it will tend to keep it in.

Methods to Improve Urine Flow

  • Drinking plenty of fluids will likely improve one’s flow of urine.
  • Hot and cold compresses usually induce urination to flow.
  • Allowing an individual to listen to running water also helps make them urinate.
  • Avoid holding your urge to urinate because it can alter the urine flow and at the same time put you at risk for urinary infections.


  1. Jimmy said:

    Urinary Incontinence is a condition wherein the ability to control the flow of urine is lost resulting in small to moderate amounts of urine seepage. The main symptom is difficulty in holding urine. To avoid this one should quit smoking, increasing intake of fiber, reducing coffee, doing some physical activity.

    September 7, 2009
  2. RKP said:

    I had this problem of urine seepage and that too mostly at night when asleep.
    I visited urologists got sonography / x-rays done. etc and the Doctor advised surgery.
    I have tried herbal medicine NEERI this Tab 3 times 1 day this is herbal & started yoga ( Padmashan & Murashan) This is miracle treatment to me & in 2 days it stopped urine seepage.
    Green Tea is good to improve urine flow .

    April 5, 2010

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