Symptoms Of High Estrogen Levels: Causes And Natural Remedies

Human body is controlled by many systems; endocrinal system is one of them. Endocrine system pertains to hormones. They are important chemicals that help the body to work well. However, the body may have to undergo several problems when these hormones are imbalanced.

Estrogen is female dominating hormone that is responsible for female trait. Although the hormone is present in males and females as it has major role to play in female reproductive system. Estrogen controls menstruation and development of female reproductive organs. This hormone is secreted by ovaries.

High level of estrogen hormone can lead to various health problems in female body such as uterine fibroid, benign breast enlargement and nodules in breast etc.

High levels can occur naturally during menstruation. Estrogen level can be high during hormone replacement therapy, obesity, stress etc. Lifestyle changes, eating vegetables grown in organic manure, exercise etc will help in reducing high estrogen level.

What Causes High Estrogen Levels?

High level of estrogen in normal circumstances can be physiological process as in case of menstruation. Everyone during their fertile age may experience high level of estrogen for a time being which declines after few days.

  • The level also increases during the perimenopause period. This phase usually begins before menopause or stoppage of menstruation.
  • Aside from the physiological reason, high estrogen level can also occur if the patient is taking hormone replacement therapy. Estrogen also rises in the body on fall of progesterone level.
  • Intake of certain drugs for long duration such as steroid, antibiotics, or drugs that contain estrogen can elevate the level of its level in blood.
  • The level of estrogen can be affected by living unhealthy lifestyle. Eating diet rich in red meat, eating foods that contain too much of refined sugar or packaged food can result in estrogen increase.
  • Stress and obesity are other reasons that may increase the production of estrogen in the system.

Signs And Symptoms Of High Estrogen Levels

Increased level of estrogen can manifest with several symptoms. Following symptoms are those that may give hint to the patient of some estrogen imbalance:

  • Weight gain is prominent symptom which many women may suffer from when the estrogen level is raised. Fat gets deposited in waist, hip, and thigh. In the same way excess of weight produces more fat and the vicious cycle continues in some women.
  • Breast enlargement and tender breast is another important symptom of increase in estrogen hormone.
  • Mood swings and frequent headache are common symptom of raised level of estrogen.
  • Women with high estrogen level may have loss of hair.
  • Fibrocystic nodules in breast.
  • Loss of memory
  • Tiredness
  • Decreased sleep
  • Lacks energy
  • Irregular menses
  • Fibroids in uterus

Home Remedies For High Estrogen Levels

High level of estrogen in blood can produce several effects on body. However, there are various ways to treat this imbalance. Change in lifestyle plays major role in balancing estrogen and progesterone hormone.

  • Reducing day to day stress is effective way in dealing with estrogen rise. Yoga, meditation and counseling are of great help to reduce rise of estrogen.
  • Women suspecting changes in her estrogen level from the symptoms should try to avoid certain foods that are known to trigger estrogen rise. Excess of red meat, sugar and sugary products, needs to be avoided.
  • Alcohol can trigger rise of estrogen therefore it should be restricted.
  • Exercise and eating vegetables is useful in dealing with estrogen elevation.