Cause Of Puffy Nipples: How To Get Rid Of Puffy Nipples In Men And Women

Some people find themselves with a problem that makes their nipples appear puffy, and this may not seem like a problem when it comes to women. But some men find this a rather embarrassing state for their nipples to be in. What can cause puffy nipples and what can be done to reduce the puffiness or remove it altogether?

Cause of Puffy Nipples and How to Cure Puffy Nipples

When asked about the possible cause of puffy nipples, doctors point out these reasons:

  • One of the reasons why some men find themselves with puffy nipples is when they use steroids and their body reacts differently to these steroids, giving them puffy nipples instead.
  • Another possible cause for the formation of puffy nipples is the increase in hormones that boys experience as they enter puberty or their adolescent stage.
  • The puffiness of your nipples can also be called puffy nipple gynecomastia and can be caused by a lot of things like obesity, stress, chest wall trauma, and estrogen and androgen imbalances.

How To Reduce Male Puffy Nipples

Now that you know what can cause puffy nipples, the next problem that needs to be tackled is what type of puffy nipples cure you should use for this dilemma. Here are some of the puffy nipples treatment choices you have:

  • If cause of puffy nipples is the irregularity of hormones in puberty, then there is nothing to worry about since most of the time, the puffiness dissipates once the boy gets over this stage of his life.
  • Some of the people who find themselves with this kind of a problem find that it is rather embarrassing for them to be seen without a shirt on so the one solution that can get rid of this problem fast is with the help of gynecomastia surgery. This can be done with the help of a plastic surgeon.
  • Some men have this problem due to obesity so the ideal solution for such a problem would be to lose weight.
  • If the puffiness is brought about by steroid use, stopping the use of steroids may help return your nipples to normal.