Swimmers Ear Drops: Home Remedies For Removing Water From Ears

Swimmers ear drops are the most effective remedies for swimmer’s ear, which is a condition wherein water accidentally gets trapped inside the ear canal that makes the ear an ideal breeding ground for bacteria or fungus, leading to infection and inflammation of the external ear canal. The usual swimmer’s ear symptoms include intolerable pain in the area that could obstruct normal daily activities, itching, and swelling in the inner and outer ear canal.

Although swimmer’s ear mostly affects swimmers, anybody regardless of sex and age can get infected with swimmer’s ear. People who are living in humid areas and warm climates are also prone to have swimmer’s ear or acute otitis externa in medical term.

Natural Treatment Of Swimmer’s Ear

Based on scientific studies, the first and best recourse for trapped water on ears are swimmers ear drops such as antiseptic and antibiotic ear drops instead of oral medication. Swimmer’s ear can interrupt normal activities due to discomfort and the pain it could bring, and it needs immediate resolution. Oral medication usually takes a while before the medicine takes effect, while swimmers ear drops go directly to the infected area making the treatment and relief faster and more effective.

  • Since a swimmer’s ear is an indication of the presence of water in the ear, it is advised to keep your ear dry.
    As much as possible, try to use ear plugs or lotion-coated cotton balls when showering. This would prevent water from seeping into your ears.
  • For one thing, alcohol can also help as swimmer’s ear home treatment and get rid of the water in your ear. Rubbing alcohol is not only a tool for disinfecting but also helpful in making the water evaporate in your ear.
  • Putting three or drops of apple cider vinegar into your ear is also an effective way in preventing the likelihood of infection.
  • You can also mix equal volumes of vinegar and water and apply four drops of the solution into your ear for about three times a day. Just gently pull your earlobe and tilt your head so that the drops can reach through the inside of your ear.
  • Another vinegar solution remedy that you can do is a 50/50 mixture of rubbing alcohol and distilled white vinegar. You can use an eyedropper in doing this treatment. The alcohol component of this mixture will help kill the bacteria that thrive in your ear as well as make the water evaporate.

How To Prevent Swimmer’s Ear Naturally?

If you have already applied swimmers ear drops, it is important for you to allow total ear healing and prevent re-infection and you can do this with the following:

  • Avoid swimming and other water sports while your ear is not yet totally healed.
  • Use ear plugs when swimming.
  • Do not allow children to bathe on their own especially when bathing with other children as they tend to play around and may accidentally pour water on their ears.
  • Do not allow children to play with water on their own.

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  1. RD said:

    I have always had ear problems due to buildup of wax. An excellent remedy to prevent swimmer’s ear is to place cotton balls dipped in olive oil into the ears such that he outer part of the cotton is dry. Then wear the swimming cap. It also prevents water soaking through the ears and keeps your ears naturally clean.

    January 29, 2013

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