Stopped Up Ears: How To Clear Stopped Up Ears: Stopped Up Ears Remedy

Stopped Up Ears

Stopped up ears is much like clogged ears due to impacted earwax or cerumen. There is a feeling of fullness and a decrease in the characteristic of sounds heard.

Home Remedies For Stopped Up Ears

There are simple home remedies for stopped up ears. They include:

  • Do not try to remove the ear wax manually with the use of cotton buds or a stick. It will only move the cerumen deeper, and it may damage the eardrum.
  • Lie down with your side. Put three to five drops of lukewarm water to the affected ear.
    Hold this for five to ten seconds. Lean your ear and drain.
  • You can also buy an ear wax irrigator at your local drug stores.
  • Use ear drops designed to loose the impacted earwax. Store the eardrops first at room temperature about 20°C to 25°C. Follow the directions indicated with the drops.
  • Three to five drops of hydrogen peroxide to the affected ear will also do the trick. Keep it still until it stops bubbling then drain. Wash with lukewarm water afterwards. You can do this for several days.

How To Clear Stopped Up Ears

  • Although not approved by FDA, ear candles are becoming trendy in the US to remove earwax.
  • Do not blow your nose hard or sneeze excessively. It will just damage the eardrum because of the blockage.
  • If the condition persists, it is better to consult an eyes, ears, nose, and throat (EENT) specialist.