Muffled Hearing In Both Ears: Muffled Hearing In Left, Right Ear

Muffled Hearing in Left, Right Ears Home Remedies

Muffled hearing in one or both ears is an indication of a more severe condition compared to hearing difficulty affecting a single ear.

Muffled Hearing Causes

  • Side effects of drug intake
  • Signs of aging
  • Punctured ear drum
  • Prolonged exposure to loud and piercing sounds
  • Infections or swimmer’s ear
  • Tumor
  • Trauma
  • Excessive build up of ear wax
  • Pressure changes such as when flying on an airplane
  • Fluid on ear or glue ear

Muffled Hearing Treatment

Sudden muffled hearing in right and left ears can be treated with the following remedies:

  • Visit an ear specialist before administering any home remedies especially if you do not know the cause of your muffled hearing.
  • If the cause of your muffled hearing is trapped fluid in your ears, bend your head to your side to allow the liquid to drain. Hold your position for a minute, then bend your head to the other side to drain the water out on your other ear.
  • Clean your ear canal to remove the wax buildup. Heat a teaspoon of olive oil, allow it to cool down a bit, then put a few drops on each of your ear.
    Clean your ears with cotton buds after.
  • When flying on an airplane, you can chew a gum to release the pressure on your ear.
  • You can also release a yawn to ease up the pressure and clear your ears.
  • Open your mouth to release the pressure.